What is Trauma Informed Yoga?

What is Trauma Informed Yoga?

by YogaFit | 31/10/2018

Have you heard the term Trauma Sensitive or Trauma Informed Yoga? It's a big buzzword right now, but we've been teaching in the YogaFit for Warriors style for the past 6 years.


Recently our YogaFit for Warriors Director, US Air Force Lt Col Shaye Molendyke and YogaFit Master Trainer, Mary Erteschik discussed on The YogaFit Podcast this wide topic of Trauma Sensitive Yoga, also known as Trauma Informed Yoga.  Listen here on Soundcloud. Listen here on iTunes.


YogaFit has a comprehensive trauma sensitive yoga teacher training program called YogaFit for Warriors that trains yoga teachers, mental health professionals, military service members and their families and anyone else who wants to learn more about working with trauma. To learn more about this program please click here



We also discuss the ACE Study - adverse childhood experience by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris - to watch her TED talk click here


Click here to see the ACE Questionaire 


Join us in Orlando this December for our YogaFit for Warriors Conference at the beautiful Shades of Green at the Walt Disneyworld Resort!  Learn more here.

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