Trainee Testimonial: Effect of YogaFit on Recidivism

Trainee Testimonial: Effect of YogaFit on Recidivism


Hi Beth, 

I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you again for creating YogaFit and for changing my life. It is through YogaFit, in big part, that we are changing other people's lives for the better. Our criminal offender rehabiliation classes are going very very well. Almost everyone I am teaching is new to yoga. I am constantly amazed at the bond it creates between all of us, how much they like it, how much it is helping their self-esteem and how much it is helping them become aware. 
We have a younger man in the class who is immersed in the gang culture. He was engaged in class but still had that tough guy image that was keeping him a little distant. It was through YOGA that I got through that. He was wearing the heavy jacket and the cool gang clothes and a few minutes into the practice he had to start shedding the clothes. He became vulnerable through some challenging poses and before the end of the class....he was bonding with all of us. Some of the other converted guys were helping him through. He has connected with us in class now. He let that tough guy image go in yoga, saw it was safe, and felt successful and connected afterwards. That is very powerful. 
Every class I add a new challenging pose. When it gets tough, everyone breaks into laughter and we try it a few times all smiling and laughing together. I have never experienced this type of connection with people. 
Thank you so much, Beth. You have changed the world. 
Grateful for you,
Toni Carbone

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