The Gift of Yoga

The Gift of Yoga

by Jo M Hewett | 28/03/2019

Although I have been a yoga student for over 18 years, I had never given any thought in becoming an instructor. It was my journey that Yoga became a gift that I was a recipient and now I pay it forward.

My first yoga instructor was one of the most important people in my life. I was 40 years old when I took my introductory class. It was after experiencing the loss of a baby. Instead of taking pills for depression, I tried Yoga. This was a time when yoga was not mainstream so I had no references. At my first class, I recall seeing the instructor, a very attractive older woman, walking into the room with a upright posture emanating confidence and peace. I knew I wanted what she possessed. This woman, Dolores Clark, was seventy years old at that time. I stayed with her through her mid-eighties. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago and I miss her very much.

Fast forward to today. I am the Co-Founder and President of a nonprofit organization, Jersey Village Senior Outreach. This organization was created to promote positive aging for members to stay active and connected while continuing to reside in their homes as long as possible. Our programs committee found a Yoga Instructor to offer “Basic Yoga” but she did not offer “Chair Yoga”. Most of our members are active and able to participate in Basic Yoga. However, we do have some members who experience problems or have concerns about getting up and down from the floor. Based on this need, I investigated a Yoga Certification with the main purpose of offering (without charge) Chair Yoga to our seniors.

I learned so much from the Foundations course, as well as the Seniors Course at YogaFit in June of 2018. I started my Yoga classes in September. My confidence continues to grow and so does the number of attendees. Interestingly, at least half of my Chair Yoga students also attend the Basic Yoga class. Chair Yoga is good for everyone not just those who are tentative about moving to the floor.

I look forward to my continued growth with YogaFit. There are several trainings that I have on my radar. Unfortunately, the last few were not near or were not at a good time but I keep watching.

I am so appreciative for YogaFit in giving me the opportunity to pass along to others what my dear first yoga instructor gave me many years ago. I believe yoga is a gift whether you are giving or receiving.


Jo M Hewett

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