YogaLean: Tame the Heat

YogaLean: Tame the Heat

by Beth Shaw | 1/08/2016

The lazy, hazy days of Summer are upon us, and it’s pretty safe to say that most of us are looking for ways to cool down. Ayurveda says that summer is “pitta” time, where we experience the sun’s unrelenting heat, which can leave us pitta types feeling irritable, dehydrated and short-tempered, and to add insult to injury, unable to manage our weight. Here are a few suggestions to get you back on track and reignite your natural vitality, clarity, and strength.


1.  One of the characteristics of the pitta dosha is a strong digestive fire. Skipping meals can increase the grouchy factor, aggravating the body’s stress response and increasing the risk of anger and irritation flaring up. Carry snacks and make sure to eat meals at regular times.


2.  Maintaining balance for pitta isn’t just about keeping the body YogaLean, it’s also about keeping the mind calm, cool, and collected. Once again, eat meals on a regular schedule to keep the mind clear, and choose anti-inflammatory foods such as dark leafy green vegetables, whole grains, lean and vegetarian proteins. Cut back on caffeine, if you can, because caffeine increases cortisol levels in the body and can increase the risk of cortisol weight gain.


3.  Pittas often crave sweets to calm themselves down. Choose healthy whole-grain complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, quinoa, and even sweet potatoes, so you can satisfy your craving with sweet foods that are actually nourishing the body.


4.  Listening to music you love is a wonderful way to soothe the mind and reduce stress. Getting a good night sleep can reset the intense pitta mind.

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