The Spiritual Benefits of Yoga

The Spiritual Benefits of Yoga


Yoga doesn’t just make you healthier and happier. It does, but the payoff of a regular practice goes so far beyond the physical and mental. That’s right – we’re talking about the spiritual benefits of yoga.

Yoga is thousands of years old. Over these millennia, it’s been used by practitioners to connect to something greater than themselves. It doesn’t matter their individual religion or prescribed faith, the spiritual enlightenment that yoga provides worked for all. The same is true today! Learn some of the spiritual benefits of yoga below – then find out how you can harness these benefits while in yoga teacher training!


A Holistic Connection


The word holistic gets thrown around a lot. It’s used as a synonym for “healthy” and “natural.” That’s fine, but do you know its definition? Holistic means the entirety of something, all of the parts and pieces that make it up. Practicing yoga leads to a holistic connection of your body, your mind, your emotions, and your spirit. 

This type of interdependent connection between the different parts of yourself improves your life in so many ways. You don’t just feel better, you ARE better. This might mean building muscle strength, which then leads to a higher metabolism. From a spiritual perspective, being holistically connected means things being more mindful (connecting spirit and mind – more on this in just a second) and learning how to release negative emotions (connecting spirit and body).


You Become More Mindful


Another one of the spiritual benefits of yoga is becoming more mindful. Learning mindfulness and practicing it in your daily life, often through yoga, leads to another type of holistic connection. You’re improving your mental and emotional wellbeing through staying deeply attuned to what’s happening in and around you. We like to call this spiritual attention.

Spiritual attention has many forms, but one of our favorites is also one of the simplest. Balasana (also called child’s pose) is one of the most basic asanas in yoga. It involves kneeling, touching your forehead to the mat, and stretching your arms behind you with your palms up. Sound similar to anything else? Kneeling before a deity or, perhaps, the spiritual power of all deities? We thought so!

Mindfulness also helps improve your concentration, which then makes it easier to practice spiritual attention. Think of yoga’s spiritual benefits as a kind of snowball – every inch you move forward makes it even easier to keep on moving.


Yoga Teacher Training and Spirituality


Getting a yoga instructor certification might not seem like it has spiritual benefits…but it does! People don’t become yoga instructors because they want to simply pay bills. Sure, you can pay your bills by teaching, but there are easier ways to make a living. Rather, becoming a yoga teacher offers a way to bring your passion and career into alignment.

By teaching yoga, you’re putting the ideas from above into practice. After all, you can’t help students practice mindfulness if you’re not mindful yourself! Then there’s the idea of passing on what you’ve been given. A central tenant of addiction recovery across the globe, giving away the knowledge, experience, and wisdom you’ve received is one of the best ways to embody it yourself. Teaching yoga helps you cultivate this type of “active spirituality.”

 Now that you know some of the spiritual benefits of yoga, it’s time to put your knowledge into practice! Check out our full list of teacher trainings or take a look at some particularly-spiritually focused trainings like Healthcare Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching!

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