Restorative Pose Of The Month (Oct) - Supta Trikonasana

Restorative Pose Of The Month (Oct) - Supta Trikonasana


Restorative Pose of the month for Gratitude: Supta Trikonasana (Supine Triangle)

Purpose: Can be used for the treatment of scoliosis as preventative spine maintenance. Passively works with lateral spine flexion.

Basic Set Up: Have as many blankets or pillows as you would like to be comfortable. Most likely, use a folded blanket under the hips, low back, knees, and neck and/or head. Blankets can also be used under the wrists and hands to give a bit of elevation to these places promoting better circulation.


Alternative: add a bolster to the soles of the feet to help with grounding, use a smaller prop to set feet in place.


Pranayama: Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing)


Chakras: With bolster under feet, Chakra 1, Muladhara. All chakras affected here.


Doshas: Grounding for Vata, Calming for Pitta


Mudra: Both palms open and up towards sky. This mudra is symbolic of our infinite ability to give and receive.


Mantra/Affirmation: I am the embodiment of a positively radiant soul, full of love and gratitude.