Restorative Pose Of The Month - Supine Revolved Triangle

Restorative Pose Of The Month - Supine Revolved Triangle

Supta Parivrtta Trikonasana (Supine Revolved Triangle)

Pose description: 
Lying on back with knees bent and feet on the floor, walk feet towards right edge of mat. Pushing into feet, lift hips and lower knees to left side of the mat.  Once knees and hips feel comfortable, extend either both legs or top leg only keeping top (right) leg in front of bottom (left) leg.
Inch shoulders and rib cage over a little towards left as you extend the left arm and hand down towards the right foot.
Try to position upper body and shoulders so that both shoulders are supported by floor. If right shoulder is peeling up, place blanket or pillow under shoulder and arm for support and stabilization.
Pillows and blankets may be used to for head/neck support and/or leg, back, hip, shoulder as well.
Stay for 7-8 minutes, then, switch sides. 
Imagine only the upper lungs filling with air, hold the breath in your upper chest like a reservoir. Pause, holding the breath, then slowly try to funnel it down towards the belly region just before you exhale.
I highly recommend trying 2 to 3 belly locks (uddiyana bandha) in your final minute in the pose. Use a small cushion under head/neck to keep Jalandhara Bandha effortlessly engaged.
Health benefits: 
Lying on left, twisting both knees towards left, opens upper right lung, stimulates liver, stretches right pec minor muscles, creates passive isolated rhomboid contraction and shoulder flexion.

Chakra 3, Manipura stimulation.  Regulates sense of 'Self', ambition, and endurance. Perfect for mustering energy for some spring cleaning. A pose to help you tackle any clutter whether it physical or energetic.

Visual Meditation: 
Closing our eyes, let's create an image of ourselves lying in this pose. Simply create, in your mind, an image of yourself resting peacefully.  Now, watch as a golden colored light surrounds your entire body. Like a child in the womb, we imagine ourselves and our vital energy preserved in this golden light that surrounds us.
Sound (Nada Yoga):  
oo, as in 'book'.  To bring things up, or to move things upward.
Aparigraha, letting go.
Mantra (positive psychology): 
"I give myself permission to let go."  An extension of this mantra: "When I let go, I am able to let in (blank)". Let in love, light, peace, balance, understanding, etc...
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