YogaFit Partner Of The Month - June 2014

YogaFit Partner Of The Month - June 2014


Jodi Milner - Seriously Fun Fitness
YogaFit Partner Of The Month - June 2014

This month we are pleased to introduce you to Jodi & Tom Milner, owners of SERIOUSLY FUN FITNESS studio in Seminole Florida. The name of the studio is a play on words that expresses their mission making exercise and health FUN for their clients. The studio offers several varieties of fitness and yoga classes and has hosted several YogaFit Trainings. Both Tom and Jodi are YogaFit trained and have recently completed the Warriors trainings with the goal of reaching out to serve the military and help heal those suffering the consequences of PTSD and chronic stress! Jodi says, “The Warriors program has provided me with a greater understanding of myself and tools to not only better understand others but to actually provide a path to healing.”  Their dedication to help others shines through in many activities such as offering free community yoga classes on the beach once a month.  Jodi is looking forward to exploring the yoga therapy program and says, “my best course of action is to stay open and trust that my path will continue unfolding and revealing the next step when it is the right time.”  


1. Jodi, How did you get into Yoga/ YogaFit?

In 2011, I injured my back on the job and my physical therapist suggested incorporating yoga into my rehab routine. The first studio I found featured Hot Yoga and although the Instructor shared the same disc injuries as me, she was so strong that she inspired me to dig deeper and learn more about my own practice. Prior to that time, I had never taken a yoga class, only used videos on & off for about 15 years. Fortunately for me, the first actual live Instructor I found was YogaFit trained!


2. What Yama/Niyama comes to mind first and how are you using it your life right now?

Aparigraha is an important focus for me right now as I learn to detach from the expectations I have always imposed upon myself. As a "recovering control freak", I have come to realize through my yoga & meditation practice that my intentions are more important, many times, than the actual outcomes of a given situation. Trusting that the Universe will provide for me and allowing myself to let go is a daily practice for me.


3. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I think that opening the fitness & yoga business that my husband & I operate is what I am most proud of accomplishing. Partnering in business and in life can be challenging and at the same time it is such a gift to be able to enjoy together the highs and lows of the healthier & happier life we are creating for ourselves and our clients.


4. If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?

Well, my other job (for now) is working as International Flight Attendant and I have seen some crazy things being confined in a metal tube with hundreds of different personalities over the last 18 years so I would probably have to call it "Amazing Experiences Above 30,000 Feet"


5. What is your favorite benefit of YogaFit Partnership?

Hosting trainings would have to be my favorite thing about the YogaFit Partnership because our yoga room remains infused with so much loving, positive energy that it becomes an even more blessed and sacred space after each training.


6. If someone were to make a movie about your life, who would you hope would play you?

Well, it would have to be an actress with a lot or range because I feel like I have travelled through many unrelated detours along my life path thus far. Maybe Drew Barrymore since we are roughly the same age.


7. What’s something most people don’t know about you?

I wanted to be a pilot and used to do the "walk around" inspecting the exterior of the aircraft before & after each flight with the pilot or mechanic at my first airline.


8. What is your favorite training to date and why?

My most recent training, Mood Balancing, affected me so completely. I experienced such a wide range of emotions, including some unexpected ones, and really feel like I opened up to my practice and began to communicate with my body in a whole new way.

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