Lead with Higher Purpose BUT Leave Your Yoga Mat Outside the Office Door

Lead with Higher Purpose BUT Leave Your Yoga Mat Outside the Office Door



I know I am on this planet to help, to heal, and to create positive change. That’s what YogaFit is about and I have dedicated my life to this. Every decision I make revolves in most measure around YogaFit – the company, the trainers, and the education. This is my calling, my drama. I got disconnected from this for a while when people who were working for me, including family members, had my business held hostage. The situation forced me into depression, stagnation, and finally action. Each of us is born with natural talents, and inherent psychological traits that predispose us to one calling or another in life. Furthermore, our childhood experiences helped to mold our natural tendencies and interests.
A Yogi in Business is not the best combination. Yoga and business are at two opposite ends of the spectrum. When Master Vivekenanda came to the US in 1893 he said KARMA YOGA is the most important Yoga we can do – these days I do a lot of Karma yoga and keep my efforts Very quiet. Although at our MBFS
we do active fundraisers for local animal rescues- I believe it’s important to leave a positive mark in every community we enter into – even for a weekend.
The mission of YogaFit is to bring Yoga to the masses.  When only 10 % of the US population belongs to a health club, our need to get people moving is necessary.  Yoga is a gift of the body and the mind. We believe that if everyone in the world gave one hour per week of community service work, the world be a better place.  That is why we require every YogaFit Level 1 Trainee to perform 8 hours of practice teaching in a Community Service setting before receiving a Certificate of Completion. Our Trainees have brought the practice and benefits of Yoga to seniors in long term care homes, stressed-out corporate executives, cancer patients and survivors, disabled persons, incarcerated persons, terminally ill persons, children, mentally challenged individuals, and military servants, just to name a few.
The Community Service Program gives our Trainees the opportunity to practice their new teaching skills in a less stressful environment with an appreciative audience.  As the thousands of letters we receive in our corporate office, state, volunteering time and energy has proven to be the most rewarding experience for many of our Trainees. YogaFit is dedicated to this work as it promotes the essence of giving and sharing freely.
YogaFit encourages and supports the philosophy of “Conscious Business.” In this Millennium we believe the companies that are socially responsible will prosper from good will and good karma. Together we are changing the paradigm of what it means to do good business, really good business.  At the same time we see an increase in the public knowledge of corporate and big business crime and deceit; it is my hope that by doing things the right way, YogaFit will prosper.
How does Conscious business and community service translate to the corporate office?  Not very well. Community service really needs to be done outside of the office as I have learned.  Conscious business can only be had if most or all staff members actually get and embrace what a company is about. In my case prior to two years ago ¬ most of my staff was about partying and not practicing yoga. When people see me lead a class or training it appears effortless. When things appear effortless, less informed people think that’s because it’s easy- intelligent people know it’s the result of a lot of planning, energy and space that allows the most challenging to look the most effortless.  It’s like a beautiful yoga practice or a dance that flows – a result of practice, displace and complete intention not to mention presence, awareness and complete focus. Yes it takes a tremendous amount of energy to hold a room of students, to create enough space for people to have shifts, revelations and transformation. I speak yoga to the core simplicity of what it is – Space, Bliss, and Ecstasy. Body, Mind, and Spirit energy. Peace, Calm, and Relaxation. I breathe it, I become one with spirit and I trust the divine universe to channel through me so that I may speak to the masses and have them resonate with the truth.
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