Ayurveda and the Power of Knowing Your Food

Ayurveda and the Power of Knowing Your Food

by Beth Shaw | 25/08/2015

“60 days ago, I teamed up with Kathryn Herbert for the Transformation of Nicole Bradley and her journey to become Lean and Clean. We set a goal to for her to lose 30 pounds in 90 days and I’m proud to report that in just 2 short months Nicole, who used to weigh in at 260 pounds, has lost a whopping 32 pounds, 5 inches off her waist, 4 inches from her hips and 3 inches off of each thigh! Using Ayurvedic Wisdom, Kathryn developed a whole food program with herbal supplements to compliment my fitness plan. Nicole’s shift has changed her desires- she now chooses Lifestyle to remove obstacles with happiness. The results are amazing, above and beyond our great expectations!


Meet Nicole Bradley in person and join me with Kathryn Herbert in Austin, TX for our Coaching Immersion and Ayurvedic Lifestyle Retreat and inspire Mind, Body and Fitness in service to yourself and others. Namaste.”


-Beth Shaw


Kathryn Herbert on Ayurveda and the Power of Knowing Your Food


Today, I got to continue my enlightening chat with holistic health rockstar, Kathryn Herbert, whose knowledge of Ayurvedic wellness, nutrition, and individualized self-care seems to know no bounds. Kathryn, who provides Ayurvedic services in her Los Angeles based private practice, is thrilled to share her expertise as a featured presenter at YogaLean’s Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching Retreat in Austin, TX this September. In light of the upcoming event, she speaks here on the value of knowing exactly what we put in our bodies and our potential to totally transform our health by understanding our diets.


By your estimation, what percentage of people suffer from health problems stemming from food intolerance or nutritional imbalance?


“I would have to say almost 100% of people in the US are affected from the chemicals, genetic modifications and impurities in food. What are these things doing to the cellular makeup of our bodies? The fact is, we don’t know. And it’s important to note that in ancient times, we didn’t have immunity problems and cancer in the numbers we have today! In short, when our immunity falls short the body's’ cells don’t die, we get cancer. The mass-produced foods we eat today are designed not to die—that’s what GMO’s, pesticides and preservatives do, it messes with the immunity, the prana of cellular intelligence. It’s compounded when food is shipped in from far away allowing us to eat out of season and out of alignment with the rhythm of nature and therefore the rhythm of our bodies.”


Do most of the clients you see have this awareness about the food they’re eating?


“In 9 out of 10 cases, the people that come to me initially think they are eating “healthy.” But health is relative to our unique constitutions. What’s healthy for me may not be healthy for you. In the media we often hear that this and that food is good for everyone and it’s not necessarily true, especially if it’s food filled with chemicals.”


It’s a good thing you’re here to spread this knowledge to people!


“Haha, well I like to share my knowledge whenever possible. In Sanskrit, the term ‘guru’ literally means ‘remover of darkness.’ Through the process of education and tuning into ourselves, we become the guru of our mind and body. Then we can all pass on the Light that shines in ourselves in service to others!”


So, what are some of the most drastically positive effects you’ve seen for an individual who incorporates Ayurvedic practice into his or her life?


“I have an uncle with AS-- a much more advanced and severe case than mine. He was fully ankylosing and suffering from his bones fusing, something commonly called “bamboo spine.” He was taking a bunch of Western drugs that weren’t working and causing complications in other areas. We changed his lifestyle, most notably the food he was eating, and way of thinking about things. Today, he lives without pain and suffering,  is taking zero pharmaceuticals, and that’s all due to the drastic change I helped him make in his diet and herbal intake.”


Wow! That’s a huge improvement!


“I know that transformation is possible! And the benefits of Ayurveda are made clear to me every day and illuminated constantly in my work with cancer patients. Even in my own story, I went from being physically fit to completely debilitated because of my health conditions. Traditional Western treatments didn’t work for me, and it wasn’t until I went off that regime and began realizing what was happening in my body that things started to get better.  


I began discovering all the things I’m allergic or sensitive to. For example, orange juice, which I used to drink every morning since childhood, was creating acidity and inflammation in my body. Lemons and limes, on the other hand, put me in balance. Thank goodness I found these things out!”


What can people find out about Ayurveda at the Coaching Retreat in Austin, TX?


“A beautiful thing about this particular Coaching Retreat is that it takes place in a natural lifestyle setting over a whole week to really tap into the days of our lives. That way they will find out that Ayurveda is really a very simple Science of Life, not rocket science!


By simply observing nature, we tap into the dummy’s version Owner’s Manual to the human Mind, Body and Soul. They will learn how to tap into this wisdom to bring Health, Harmony and Happiness to their own lives as well the lives of their families and those that they coach. Most importantly, they will learn to put it all into practical life right away without having to learning terms that no one can spell and without having to try to change the world around them.”


For more information about Kathryn Herbert and her workshops at the YogaLean Ayurvedic Coaching Retreat in Austin, TX coming up this September, visit YogaFit.com!


Kathryn Herbert practices privately in Southern California and conducts national workshops to promote the benefits of Ayurvedic lifestyle choices. She lives in Los Angeles with her two teenaged children, two dogs, a cat, and three horses. She hopes to welcome chickens to her home soon!


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