Meet Kathryn, Master Trainer of Ayurveda

Meet Kathryn, Master Trainer of Ayurveda

by Kathryn Herbert | 16/11/2015

​​We are so proud of our YogaFit family, we started this SPOTLIGHT SERIES so you can get to know a few of them a little better. We thought this week we'd feature one of our Master Trainers who will be leading the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching program at January's Mind Body Conference in Palm Springs, the lovely Kathryn Herbert.



Q: What brought you to Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching?

A: My personal experience with autoimmune disease brought me to my study of Ayurveda. This led me to study formally and earn a degree from AUCM in the US as a Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and travel to India to work at various clinics and hospitals to deepen my education and help those less fortunate than myself. During my process of becoming 'well', I 'vowed' that everything that 'came' to me, I would in turn, use in service to help others help themselves heal. Bringing the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching program to YogaFit coaches gets this valuable knowledge into yoga studios and households across North America in service to a greater population. The beauty of this 100 hour Coaching Certificate is that it allows YogaFit Coaches to embrace the lifestyle themselves and qualifies them with practical and marketable skills to join me in helping others help themselves live with health, harmony and happiness.


Q: How has Ayurveda transformed your life?

A: Ayurveda has transformed my life in so many ways. To start with, it has transformed me from a person who was so sick and weak that I often needed help from my children to get through the seemingly simple tasks of the day like brushing my hair or cooking dinner into a strong and healthy person, full of energy who runs circles around the young people despite my age! Through my practice, I am able to see others go through their own transformations and raise themselves to a life filled with health, harmony and happiness. The resulting rewards are the source of my inner and outer glow.


Q: How would you describe your Training style?

A: My style is accessible, fun, easy to understand and is able to be put into application from the get go! As an American, I find it difficult to pronounce, let alone spell the ancient Sanskrit terms.I don't expect anyone else to find it any easier than I have, so, although there is field work to be done at distance and a final exam to pass to become a Certified Coach, there are no complicated terms to memorize and spelling doesn't count! My explanations are a common sense approach to everyday, modern solutions to challenges delivered in humorous examples that everyone can relate to. Lifestyle is addressed as life actually happens with methods that can actually happen. This provides you with modern day options to ancient concepts that only involve a trip to their local grocery store instead of a trek by elephant train up a sacred mountain. That can certainly be saved for the bucket list though! Because my intention is to teach the knowledge through understanding, I stay accessible by email, phone and social media beyond academic support to provide lifestyle support.


Q: What do you hope your students will gain from the 100 hour Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching Certification in Palm Springs?

A: I know that they will gain tools for a lifetime of health, harmony and happiness for themselves and those they serve. I hope that they gain inspiration to take that knowledge out into the community to share with family, friends and clients in service to their Coaching Practice. This program provides tools and teaches methods to bring new and exciting services and programs to the communities that they coach through living an Ayurvedic Lifestyle.


Q: What are you most looking forward to at MBF?

A: I am most looking forward to bringing the Wisdom of Ayurveda to the YogaFit Community. Patanjali, the Godfather of Yoga, stated that 'Yoga does not exist without Ayurveda". Likewise, Charaka, the Godfather of Ayurveda stated "Ayurveda does not exist without Yoga". It is my auspicious blessing in service to reunite these sister sciences of antiquity in modern day life to join, or 'yog' Mind, Body, Fitness.



Kathryn Herbert

Auy Ct P/RYT

YogaFit Master Trainer of Ayurved

Has Kathryn convinced you to join her and the entire YogaFit family in Palm Springs to kick off the New Year? If so, please feel free to get the full details and register here.


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