IN THE NEWS: YogaFit teachers and students hit the mat for charity

IN THE NEWS: YogaFit teachers and students hit the mat for charity

by YogaFit Team | 21/07/2017

YogaFit’s July MBF in Scottsdale, Arizona, was extra special this year. Besides all the wonderful classes offered, as well as the opportunities to spend time with old friends and new ones, Beth Shaw lead an extraordinary Master class, in which participants were able to combine their love for yoga and their dedication to community service. 

Everyone hit the mat to raise funds for a charity closely aligned with YogaFit’s mission and to Beth’s heart—Family Promise ( What makes this Arizona nonprofit organization so incredible is that it has created an on-site pet sanctuary in its homeless shelters—the first of its kind in the state—as a way of bringing joy and teaching self-sufficiency to children in the shelter. We raised more than $500 in cash at the event—plus plenty of in-kind donations—and YogaFit kicked in another $1000.


We caught up with Beth to ask her about the event. “I was moved to tears several times as I listened to Lisa (Family Promise’s director) describe what the organization does and how difficult it is for homeless people to leave their pets behind.” In fact, Beth admitted that she was still in tears as she got ready to start the class. “I had to pull myself together to teach!” 

The class itself was a powerful and moving experience for everyone. At the end, Beth says, “we all chanted, sending peace to all, light to all, life to all, and love to all the people and pets in the shelters everywhere.” 

     Lisa Randall, director of Family Promise, had this to say about the generosity and enthusiasm of the YogaFit community: "WOW!  I am just stunned at the generosity of the wonderful and thoughtful people who attended your conference!  That is a remarkable gift……and it truly is because of your passion that they felt led to support us. Thank you again Beth for all you have done to help individuals find within themselves the ability to grow and be who they were created to be.  We can all learn from you!"


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