How has your life changed since YogaFit?

How has your life changed since YogaFit?

by YogaFit | 23/03/2018

YogaFit Student, Amanda Wolfson, shares with us on the YogaFit Podcast, how her life has positively changed since beginning her YogaFit journey. We are so grateful to hear these life-changing stories from our students regularly - as yoga teacher training is a truly transformational time of life and we have such a thriving #YogaFitFamily to support each other during our changes.


So now we're curious...How has your life changed since beginning your YogaFit journey? 


To up the ante a little bit, we're holding a contest! Want to participate?


Just let us know how your life has changed since beginning your YogaFit journey by sending an email to  - select stories will be chosen for interviews on the YogaFit podcast. We hear the most incredible life-changing stories from our students constantly - it’s time that we start recording these so you can all get to know each other and grow as a #YogaFitFamily.


Winner will receive a complimentary 1-day training at a 2018 or 2019 YogaFit Mind Body Fitness Conference, complimentary Level 1 training to share with a Friend or Family member and an exclusive coffee/dog walk with Beth & Bentley Shaw at a future Mind Body Fitness conference. The winner will be announced at our upcoming Minneapolis MBF starting May 30th, 2018.


Entries must be submitted no later than Friday, May 10th. Terms and conditions apply. Email any questions to - We cannot wait to hear YOUR story!


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