Fulfilling A Dream

Fulfilling A Dream


What Doreen Holmes, who is legally blind, experienced in her Level One workshop took her completely by surprise. 


When Doreen called YogaFit to sign up for teacher training, Karlie, the woman she spoke with, was kind and caring. Doreen told her she wanted to teach yoga, but she wasn’t sure it was possible because she was legally blind. Karlie asked her if she could hold for a moment and right away Doreen thought “Oh no, what if they won’t let me take classes?” But instead, when Karlie came back, she said she was excited to sign her up and even offered Doreen a discount to welcome her as the first YogaFit legally blind student. Doreen was ecstatic.


What Doreen thought was going to be a hard, stressful journey, she admitted, ended up to be “the best 20 hours of my life, thanks to my Level One instructor Aimee Marshall.” 


Doreen has volunteered with the homeless—her life’s work of service—for more than 22 years, and has learned so much more than she ever imagined. One young man, in particular, taught her a lesson she’ll never forget. This young man, whom Doreen had befriended when he was homeless, was born with cystic fibrosis. Because he never got the proper care, he can barely walk.  When she confided in him that she was losing her sight—and was afraid—he said “Close your eyes, Doreen. Can you see me?” She said, yes, she could. “Then you will always see the beauty of the world, even if someday you can no longer see. Be sorry for the people who have never seen that beauty.”


She came to YogaFit because she’s ready to take yoga into the shelters where she works. She wants to offer it to the blind and visually impaired so that they, too, may discover the beauty of the world in their own way. “I want to help people feel more relaxed, help them learn how to stretch and move,” she says. “And honestly, I don’t want any money from them. I just want to help people feel good about themselves.” And thanks to her YogaFit training, she’s on her way to fulfilling that dream.

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