Ft. Hood Warriors Training

Ft. Hood Warriors Training


I had the enormous honor and privilege to lead the Warriors 2-day workshop at Ft Hood Army Post a couple of weeks ago to a group of over 40 people ranging from combat veterans, military spouses, yoga teachers to mental health workers and caregivers on post.  Beth Shaw had graciously approached me about doing it for free there after the latest shooting a little while back and I happily agreed. It was truly a humbling experience for me and one that will stay with me for my lifetime. In particular, there were 2 soldiers in attendance who had been blown up by an IED and survived. Both of these amazing men were suffering from PTSD but managing in their lives. They were both new to yoga but willing to give it a try! I will never forget hearing the soft snoring at the end of Master class on Day one and realizing it was one of the soldiers who had been injured by the IED. His wife was there with him and she relayed to me after class that it was amazing he fell asleep since he has a lot of trouble sleeping at night ( a hallmark symptom of PTSD). I was so happy for him and had a new found excitement for the power of yoga to help heal and restore wholeness. Really that’s where the recovery lies, in finding relief for the nervous system and allowing it to repair itself over time. The vicious cycle of re-experiencing, hyper-vigilance and not being able to find deep rest is in and of itself debilitating. Finding true rest means to be at peace at all levels and that’s what yoga provides for not only our military but all of us who have faced our own physical and emotional battles in life. It is the peace that surpasses understanding and is there waiting for all of us on the mat!

"Yoga for Warriors: There are hardly words to describe how I felt during & after this amazing training. Attaining more knowledge of PTSD, stress, anxiety, trauma  & triggers was captivating. The practice sessions were enlightening & immensely enjoyable. So much valuable information that can not
only be used for enhancing my yoga practice & teaching , but for reference to everyday life. Meeting all of you has also touched & enriched my life. Thank you all for sharing your life experiences. A special thanks to Shaye & Millie for making this all such a positive experience & event.
Peace be with you all,

Here is a current list of Warriors workshops scheduled. We add new ones each week. If you know of a great place to host a workshop please contact me at warrior@yogafit.com


Oct 9-10               Columbus Oh MBF

Oct 14-15             Vicenza Italy

Nov 8-9                Arlington, VA MBF

Nov 15-16            STEVENS POINT WI

Dec 6-7                 Seattle, WA MBF

Jan 10-11             Quantico, VA

Feb 7-8,                Hill AFB, UT

Feb 21-22            Arlington VA MBF

Feb 21-22,           East Lansing, MI

Mar 7-8,               Seminole, FL

Mar 21-22            LEES SUMMIT, MO         

Apr 25-26             Maxwell AFB, AL             

Aug 1-2                   Trooper, PA

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