February: Aparigraha Testimonials

February: Aparigraha Testimonials

by Beth Shaw | 21/02/2015

Our theme this month is “Aparigraha” or Letting Go. A few of our YogaFit Trainers have shared their personal stories of Letting Go with us. Enjoy - and be inspired!


“I have a niece that is obsessed with Frozen. For her second birthday I sent her a singing birthday card with Elsa from the Disney movie singing the iconic Let It Go. 


However, today I was listening to "let go" by Olivia Sue. She sang the chorus over and over again in varied tones while kissing the phone, we were face timing. I adored this time, it was sweet and in that small moment I really did let go.


I let go of everything to be in the moment and feel the love my 2 year old niece was giving. How sweet would it be if we all really "let go" and fell into the moment as deeply as my two year old niece singing her heart out? I also loved the simplicity of her words.... no it, thing, or person. Just a simple let go. You get to put your own meaning there and sometimes we don't need a label, we only need to let go.”


~ Amanda Frame

“Letting go has been a theme for me in the last year. As I got into a steady rhythm of daily meditation, I began to hear the universe telling me to “let go” in various ways and situations. This really hit home for me as I have a tendency to hold on and to overanalyze.


Everything. And as we know, when we don’t listen to the whisper, it becomes a roar.


In my work as a Mental Health Counselor, I was beginning to feel the disconnect between what I was teaching the patients to do and what I was practicing myself. My tendency toward perfectionism and control was ramping up as my ego was feeling the threat of my letting it go.


And for a time, I didn’t even know what I was supposed to let go of, but every article I read, every quote that came my way, every message was saying the same thing. Let Go. And then as summer approached, a poem came to me that changed it all. It instantly became my favorite and I frequently return to it when I need a reminder. As I have practiced letting go more, I have realized that a key in letting go is trust. After every exhalation, we trust that nourishment will be readily available to us with the next inhalation. So, my practice turned to trusting in the present moment. Trusting in myself. Acknowledging that I have, inside me, all I need in this moment and that this moment is perfect just as it is. That I don’t have to be more than I am.


With love and light,I stopped fighting and began accepting. And in this brave surrender to the moment, I learned what it felt like to let go. I hope you enjoy the poem as much as I do.“



   With Love and Light, 

  Kelly Gardner, LPC MHSP 500 RYT, 200 ERYT

  YogaFit Master Trainer

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