Evelyn's YogaFit Story #IAMYOGAFIT

Evelyn's YogaFit Story #IAMYOGAFIT

by Evelyn | 2/05/2016

"I came to yoga for my back, but stayed with it for what it did for my mind and spirit."


Our Mission: Sharing  the stories of our amazing YogaFit® Alumni with the world. Thank you so much Evelyn for letting us get to know you better. 


What is your day job? Partner at Sirius Solutions LLLP (Professional Services Firm) and part-time Yoga Instructor at SunTouch Yoga.


Your morning must-have? Coffee. Not very yogi, but it is my drug of choice. Death before dishonor, nothing before caffeine.


Your Favorite YogaFit® Training?  YogaFit for Warriors - mind blowing.


The Title of Your Biography? My Life Between Coffee and Wine —this is the subtitle of my blog at WornOutWomen.com


Why YogaFit®?  I chose YogaFit because I did not want to do an intensive 200 hour course— I wanted to be able to take in the information a few days at a time, and live and let it sink in.



Evelyn's Story - In Her Own Words


"I came to yoga for my back, but stayed with it for what it did for my mind and spirit."


What brought Evelyn to her mat

I herniated two lumbar vertebrae when I was pregnant with my second child in 1998. Surgery was almost certain because of the severity and the intense pain after hew as born. I started yoga at the advice of my physical therapist and in 12 weeks I completely healed my injury. I came to yoga for my back but stayed with it for what it did for my mind and spirit.

Discovering YogaFit®

I discovered YogaFit through...GOOGLE! I chose YogaFit because of the YogaFit for Warriors program. As soon as I saw that additional training, I knew this was the type of organization I wante to be involved in and receive my training from.


So far, my favorite YogaFit memory has been Level 3. This training resulted in my connection with about four women who have become tremendous friends, mentors, and fellow yogis. They have encouraged me and have added so much to my experience.


"I live by the passage, "your mess can be your message."


The reason YogaFit for Warriors has been my favorite training is because the science that illustrates the effectiveness and role yoga can play (and DID play with me) in regard to PTSD and TBI just clicked for me. What I learned from Warriors mirrored my experiences in healing from PTSD that it made me feel like I was where I was supposed to be. It also felt like what I should be doing with my experience to help others.

The Impact of Yoga Teacher Training

I live by the passage, "your mess can be your message." I think this training validated my instinct of what I think my purpose is. I know that might seem overly dramatic to some —but this is the result of 100s of hours of soul searching and thought.


I feel I am finally empowered to be myself and never apologize again for my authentic self. Looking forward, all this training will be worth it if I can help prevent even one suicide in my entire life. This is my only objective.

Evelyn's Favorite Cue:

"I am going to lead us through an outline of asanas / poses - however, each of you must listen to your body, and write the story of the practice you need between the four corners of your mat, and modify / change / adapt in anyway you wish."



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