Conquer Your Fear - Tried and True Steps for Crow Pose, by Master Trainer Jenn Tarrant

Conquer Your Fear - Tried and True Steps for Crow Pose, by Master Trainer Jenn Tarrant

by Jenn Tarrant | 8/09/2021

Crow Pose! This is one that so many people want to be able to do, but honestly think that they can’t. Well, I am here to tell you that in many cases the only real thing holding you back is…fear. It can be pretty scary to balance on your arms in a position that looks like it could easily land in a face plant! Yikes! 


Here are my tried-and-true steps for moving into Crow with confidence and ease:


First, go through a complete YogaFit Standard Standing or Supine Warm-Up. During the warm-up, spend a few extra breaths in Cat/Cow. Really work when rounding into Cat Pose. I mean - REALLY work! Feel as thought you think you can lift your body off the ground with your core!


In Mountain 2, come into a Forward Fold. In this Forward Fold, bend at the knees enough to actually put your hands on the mat. In this folded posture, lean forward into your hands so you can get the feeling of letting your arms and hands hold all the effort of your body. This is a good time to test and see if your wrists think this whole thing is a good idea or not. Always remember to honor your body as you move through, and gently back out of anything that causes pain or discomfort. 


For Valley 2, choose an Eagle Wrap Pose. When wrapping each ankle around the opposite leg, focus on the action of squeezing the inner thighs toward each other. This is the same action you will need in Crow Pose to bring strength and stability to the posture. 


Ready? Ok. Now, bring your hands to the mat just like you area getting ready for Down Dog. Hinge at the hips and bend the knees enough that you can hug your knees on the OUTSIDE of your arms, as close to your armpits as you can. Avoid wedging your knees into your armpits as this removes your ability to really be in control of what happens next. Squeeze your inner thighs against your outer arms like your life depends on it! Now, lean into your arms and hands, just like you did in the Forward Fold earlier. Avoid the urge to “hop” into the posture - Patience is key here! Simply lean forward until you start to feel your toes wanting to lift up away from the floor (this may or may not happen today, and that’s ok!). As you lean forward and your toes lift, now engage your core just like you did in Cat Pose earlier. This is the secret sauce to Crow Pose in my opinion! It causes the whole pose to lift and take the weight out of your arms and into your strong legs and core!


Here is the last and most important piece - Have fun! Playing in these kinds of postures takes the seriousness and frustrations away and makes them much more enjoyable! 

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