Getting the Best Value for Yoga Teacher Insurance

Today’s yoga professional spotlight is squarely painted on how to find the perfect blend of affordability and protection all in one all-encompassing yoga insurance policy. 

What Good Yoga Insurance Covers:

1. General & Professional Liability Coverage

2. Product Liability Coverage

3. Rental damages coverage

4. Stolen/damaged equipment coverage

5. Identity Protection Plan

When looking for the best value in yoga insurance, flexibility matters. That’s why beYogi offers several different options for yoga teacher insurance so you can always find the perfect plan to match your situation. Including a $25 student policy!

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Insurance Highlights 

$3 million Annual Individual Aggregate

$2 million General and Professional Liability Coverage

$2 million Product Coverage

$100,000 Rental Damage Insurance

$25,000 Identity Theft Protection

$1,000 Stolen Equipment Coverage 

beYogi covers you in-person, live online, and with on-demand video.

More Coverage, More Benefits, For Less

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⭐ Venue Selection

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⭐ Marketing

⭐ Financials & Profitability

⭐ Legal Forms & Liabilities 



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