Beth Shaw shares her 35 Minute Express Workout!

Beth Shaw shares her 35 Minute Express Workout!

by Beth Shaw | 19/01/2018

Begin with a YogaFit Warm-Up and a pack of your favorite Amino VITAL Action drink 






Leg press combined with calf raises - Four sets of 12 reps each


Reverse squat machine - Four sets 10 to 12 reps each 


Seated rows - Four sets 12 reps each


Seated side rows - Three sets 12 reps each 


Abductor -  Four sets 12 to 15 reps


Bicep curls -  Dumbbells with Shoulder Press -  Four sets of 10 reps 


Bicep curls (heavier) One set of 8 reps


Ab Lifts - Two sets of 10 each 


Finish with YogaFit Cool-Down and Amino VITAL Recovery drink

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