Beth Shaw is Principal for a Day!

Beth Shaw is Principal for a Day!

by YogaFit | 19/06/2018

YogaFit Founder, Beth Shaw teamed up with to be Principal for a Day at the High School for Health Careers and Sciences in Manhattan. During her day as Principal, she was able to visit with two classes - sharing yoga, meditation and breath work used to help focus and reduce stress in the classroom. Beth is a graduate of the New York City Public School system and enjoyed learning about the challenges and changes in education. She encourages all YogaFit trained instructors to get involved and volunteer their time in a local school by teaching yoga to students or staff, "Together, we can create peace in our schools one breath at a time." 



YogaFit is dedicated to bringing more yoga and mindfulness into schools through our 100-hour WarriorKids training. These trainings are great for teachers, parents, community members, or even fellow students that are wanting to help share this practice with our youth. YogaFit Master Trainer, Fred Hoffmann is also a Middle School Science Teacher in the state of North Carolina, he shared recently on the YogaFit Podcast how he incorporates a few minutes yoga and mindfulness into his classroom at the beginning of every period. This simple practice has led to better focus during the school day and ultimately seems to have increased test scores for his students.  

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