Our Favorite Memories of 2015

Our Favorite Memories of 2015

by The Yogafit Team | 27/11/2015

​As the year winds down, the YogaFit® team would like to share some of the special memories that were made in 2015. Some range from profound professional moments to life-changing personal events and remind us that a lot can happen in a year. 


My favorite moment of 2015 happened at the conference in Virginia when Dr. Susan Blank spoke about Yoga for addictions. I was amazed when she was able to show a detailed chart of how the brain lights up when different substances are used. It was incredibly fascinating.


- Beth Shaw, Founder


My favorite memory was by far the first annual Warriors Intensive Conference in Orlando! It was a dream come true to see it come to fruition and an honor to bear witness to the amazing stories of personal transformation and healing. One of the best moments was listening to the presenters share how they were using the understanding and intuition from the Warriors Program in their classes, vocations and communities. I can’t wait for next year's conference.


- Shaye Molendyke, Master Trainer


My favorite memory is every time I teach Level 5 and have someone there who took Level 1 and I was their trainer for that. It comes full circle!


- Sandi Cartwright, Master Trainer


I would say my favorite moments of 2015 were during the Atlanta Mind Body Fitness Conference when the entire group had a moment of silence and OM for September 11th and then sang Long Time Sun by Snatam Kaur together on Saturday morning. They were two powerful moments that I was blessed and honored to be a part of them.


- Jenny Baldwin, Education and Events Manager


​My favorite part of 2015 was the birth of my second child AND when I was blessed with the opportunity to work with YogaFit®. I love that I can provide for my family while still being a mom.


- Karlie Shetakis, Client Relations


My favorite memory was specialist teaching at the Warriors Intensive in Orlando. I loved being in the presence of dedicated yogis who are in the “trenches” and are helping people heal. It was incredible being among true heroes of war at Shades of Green. Very humbling!


- Kristy Manuel, Master Traine


I think my happiest moment was growing the team in Torrance and then watching everything come together to relocate everyone to Las Vegas. Unfortunately I wasn't able to go with the move at this time, but it just created an awesome opportunity for everyone, which is great.


- Kirsten Welch, Manager, Hosting and Digital Platforms


My Favorite moment was when ​Beth came to the Las Vegas office. We discussed many topics and took so many pictures. My favorite picture was the one I took with Beth of course! I had a huge smile on my face looking forward to the great things to come for YogaFit® —I'm super excited! I also want to thank Ericka for this amazing opportunity, she has really been here for her team every step of the way and is a wonderful manager. This was the cherry on top for me in 2015!

- Telsa Gilmer, Client Relations Specialist




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