A Letter from Benjamin

A Letter from Benjamin

by Benjamin | 9/12/2015

We are always so grateful to hear from our YogaFit® family. It is incredibly rewarding to open our inbox to read what amazing work is being done out in the world by our Alumni community. This particular letter highlights the important work being done for our military and their family — thank you Nicole for your outstanding efforts in Fort Drum, NY (and thank you Benjamin for telling us her story!)



Name: Benjamin


Subject: Extraordinary community service


Miss Shaw,


The reason I am contacting you is summarized in the subject of this email. I am currently acting as a rear detachment commander for a unit that is currently deployed out of Fort Drum, NY. There is a member of the FRG (Family Readiness Group) who has demonstrated outstanding service via your program. The woman happens to be my wife, although that is not why I am writing this. I would have done this regardless of the person.


Nicole has single handedly started the ONLY free yoga program on Fort Drum which is open to all DOD ID card holders! She started at the lowest level, teaching a few of my Soldiers who were unable to participate in traditional physical fitness training, and steadily received a growing support network. This led to one of the main physical fitness centers on the installation to dedicate time and space for her free program.


In a community that continuously has deployed Soldiers, a program such as this is essential for the family remaining on the home front. She has fully grasped, demonstrated, and embodied what you and your program emphasizes so much. She continuously and selflessly helps any person she can with her training. I have seen, first hand, the hard work and dedication she puts forth all in order to help others for free.


Nicole asks for absolutely nothing in return in doing this. She is a walking and breathing embodiment of the yoga lifestyle and I couldn't be more proud of her. Your program has truly changed the lifestyle and attitude of numerous Soldiers, spouses, and families through one instructor who has fully embodied the yoga life.


On behalf of all of the people who she's reached out to, thank you.


Very Respectfully,




P.S. She is extremely excited to be at your event in Boston this weekend and is looking forward to your class!



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