Balancing Your Mind and Diet the YogaFit Way

Balancing Your Mind and Diet the YogaFit Way


The practice of yoga, and balanced, healthy eating share many common principles, yoga means a “union” between the mind and body, your inside and outside.  The practice of yoga requires coordination between breathing, moving into poses, and introspection, all of which have a subtle yet obvious effect on the mind.

The mind takes an active part in any practice even if it remains behind the scenes. This mind-body union applies directly to healthy eating in the same way – the very real need and desire for a perfect balance, and the union of the food groups; eating in a mindful and balanced way.

In yoga (just like nutrition) each one of us has our own special needs and abilities, as well as the postures (or foods) that fuel our lives and our workouts. The most important thing is to find the balance that’s right for you, personally. Another main theme in practicing yoga is increased awareness and paying close attention to the way you do things, because every small detail has its importance and effect on the overall picture. When performing Sun Salutations, for example, we pay attention to every detail and every action and to the way we answer these calls to action. You might seek the same for the food you eat. 


Daily Motivation: The next time you are starving, try a 5-minute guided meditation first to see if you are truly hungry or if you are eating for other reasons, such as emotions. You might also try a 5-minute yoga warm-up to see if that increases your awareness of breath, food, hunger and your body.

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