Avoiding Stress and Anxiety During the Holidays

Avoiding Stress and Anxiety During the Holidays


Let’s face it … the holidays can be stressful! Between preparing meals for visiting family and friends to spending extra money, the holiday season can become tiresome. It’s important to be able to maintain your sanity and enjoy the company of relatives, so here are five tips to do just that when you start to feel the winter blues.

Go for a 20 minute walk outside. The cool, brisk air will awaken your senses and is a great antidote for stress. While on your walk make note of nature, and the beauty of winter. Remind yourself that the holidays are meant to be a time for enjoying friends and family, and that being angry or stressed doesn’t feel nearly as good as being happy and relaxed.

While on your walk, repeat some positive affirmations to yourself, to reinforce the de-stressing. Try a mantra like, “I will practice non-reaction, acceptance, and forgiveness.” It will pop back in to your head later when stress starts to lurk. Keep in mind, that you can use positive affirmations even when you’re not stressed and starting the day with positivity is a great stress-reducer!

Drink extra water. Though this sounds simple enough, many people underestimate the power of hydration. When we are dehydrated, which can happen fairly easily, especially when we’re busy running around, we often feel cranky, tired, and just generally on edge. Making sure to drink extra water will ensure that you feel alert and ready for what the day has to bring, and it has several health benefits like the power to improve complexion. If you’re not a water fan, try green tea, it will keep you hydrated and has a natural caffeine boost.

Practice yoga. Yoga is the ultimate relaxer and de-stresser. You can use yoga just about anywhere to combat stress. Try starting your morning with a simple yoga practice, not only will this help de-stress you, but it can help your to watch your weight throughout the holidays. Yoga, when used regularly is an excellent mood booster and stress crusher.

Meditate for 10 minutes every day. Take a time out everyday to step away from the stress of everyday life and meditate. Sit in a quiet space by yourself and focus on your breath, breathing in and out evenly. Imagine breathing in calm and breathing out tension with each new breath, this is also a great time to remind yourself of your positive affirmations or mantras

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