Alaska: The Wild Frontier - A YogaFit Intensive

Alaska: The Wild Frontier - A YogaFit Intensive


Going to the YogaFit Intensive in Juneau, Alaska was such a memorable experience for me.  It was amazing to spend an entire week with like-minded yoga instructors who have been trained and taught in the YogaFit style. 

Our guides on this journey, Kristin Mabry and her husband Todd, were so welcoming.  Offering us the opportunity to experience their home.

We enjoyed learning from each other as each of us lead a meditation, a yoga practice or a satsang (an opportunity to discuss different yogIc topics).  Each person brought their own style and flair to what they chose to present.  We experienced morning meditations, walking meditation, yoga nidra and different styles of YogaFit asana practices. It was beautiful!

The Shrine of St. Therese has a simplistic beauty and energy that invites her guests to unwind, relax, let go and be present.  Bald eagles swooping in to grab their dinner, bears enjoying some soda water left on a front porch, whales frolicking and spouting water from their spouts to let us know that they were there enjoying our energy, kirtan with a beautiful red sunset and frost tipped mountains, dancing until wee hours of the morning, balancing chakras with crystal pendants, and 45 minutes of an extremely powerful, vibrational OM chant to send us on our way home to our families.

Field trips provided us the opportunity to go into the town of Juneau and do some exploration of this quaint town nestled underneath the mountains – bordered by water.  We also explored the Mendenhall Glacier – which was just amazing. 

Life-long connections and meaningful relationships were developed and strengthened as each of us were discovering different parts of our being.  Alaska facilitated openness in allowing transformations to happen.

Lisa R. Scoffield, RYT 500

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