Aging in Reverse is win-win for all!

Aging in Reverse is win-win for all!

by Jenny Baldwin | 8/03/2021

On January 11, 2021, we embarked on our first Aging in Reverse 8 week series with 14 beautiful souls. Each person came to the program for a different reason, but all with the common thread of the desire to improve their health and find community.

Monday through Friday, for the last 8 weeks, these ladies have done just that.   In addition to their daily chair workouts, ranging from yoga to cardio circuit, they have learned about Hawaiian Healing, Sarcopenia, better sleep, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, energy centers, mindfulness, and more. The icing on the proverbial cake has been the engagement of the group and the bond that they have created with one another and their health.

While we can wax poetic all day about the benefits of the program, we think it’s better if you hear directly from this amazing group:

“This is a great program with excellent instructors and class camaraderie. Give yourself the gift of 5 classes a week to enliven your physical vitality and enhance wellbeing.“ Rebecka, age 73.

“My New Year gift to myself was to sign up for the Yoga Fit Aging in Reverse Program. The best thing I could have done for myself. The guided workouts five days a week, the support from a group of "like minded" people, and the information shared I can take with me forever. It makes staying out of the gym fun. Thanks for such a great group of folks and programs.” Susan

“Sandi and Claudia ‘s classes were just what I needed to get me through the winter months. They are both excellent teachers with a variety of ideas to bring to a yoga practice. I enjoyed the mix of yoga with cardio and weights , Pilates , Tai chi , Hawaiian meditation and many breathing technique. No two classes are the same, but consistency in the classic yoga postures helps one remember what to do when practicing on your own. Access to the recordings if you can’t make it live enables you to not miss anything offered. I would recommend this to anyone who would like the opportunity to learn how yoga done in a chair - seated or standing by it -  can enhance your practice.” Jane

“I joined this group with hopes that I would gather information to pass on to my chair yoga class. I got that and much more. The consistent 5 day a week workout schedule successfully moved me toward a stronger, healthier person and a more informed yoga teacher.” Monica

“Sandi, I love your and Claudia's classes. you are both so upbeat and positive, you speak with a smile and encouragement.  I like the constant education of what we are doing and why; the alternatives to the movements to help if we have some problems; the constant 'you can do it' attitude and reminders that we only have 10 more seconds so that we could continue with the march knowing the end was in sight; plus always telling us how great we are in doing the work.” Anna

“The great results I started to see after I joined the 'Aging in Reverse' program were beyond my expectations! The chair yoga has improved my flexibility without hurting my injured knee and wrist, the moderate weight lifting has reshaped my muscles, and the cardio and breathing exercises have boosted up my energy. We have access to all sessions' recordings, plus tips on healthy eating and exercising. On top of all that, the extra bonus... my clothes started to feel loose!! This program is healing, thank you YogaFit!” Hiba

“I highly recommend the Aging in Reverse YogaFit class.   Sandi and Claudia are amazing instructors, they cue multiple options and give the why’s.    I’m so grateful for their knowledge and support.  The classes were a balance of strength, cardio, core and stretching. Each week they motivated you to increase your performance. I struggled creating a home practice over the last year, this gave me the tools needed.  Thank you!” Claudia Mulligan

“The Miracle of YogaFit presents itself in every aspect of my life! From Beth Shaw’s inspiring book, YogaLean, to her masterful Teacher Trainers she integrates Yoga, Diet and Meditation to levitating proportions. Now a Senior, I enjoy immensely the age-defying Chair-Yoga practice focusing on strength re-building, balance improvement and cognitive preservation. Opening the tight joints by moving them to my personal limits of range-of-motion helps prevent osteo-arthritis and improves both posture and movement. I stand an inch and a half taller! A feeling of calm alertness ensues. Never was there a better reason to stimulate the immune system by expanding chest and lungs in movement-directed breathing exercises; The best defense against respiratory Viral illnesses.” Lone

Our next 8 week Aging in Reverse series will run March 29-May 21 as we lead up to summer. If you or anyone in your life is looking for exercise alternatives and community support, we encourage you to join us. Not sure if this group is for you? Join our free webinar on Tuesday, March 16 at 6 pm EST to learn more about what this program offers and how it can support your journey to better strength, balance, posture, breathing, mindfulness, and sleep.

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