Action 2013

Action 2013

by Beth Shaw | 5/01/2013

It has often been said that you should do one thing a day that scares you ... Many times we let fear be our driver when fear should be in the passenger seta or better yet in the back ... As fear will still try and drive. Yes fear will be a backseat driver.

As we enter into the New Year I encourage you to step into your fears and keep moving through them and with them. Taking my own advice into consideration I made a big decisions just before the Holiday- I signed a lease on a space in Los Angeles to reopen the YogaFit Studio. Why you may ask was this fearful ? Change is always fraught with uncertainty. Moving our corporate office, leasing a space, making a commitment – Change- it all scary. The YogaFit headquarters are in 6000 Square feet that we have settled into over the past six years. The amount of “ stuff we have amassed is cause for concern alone – moving is never fun. But what is fun is to step out of one’s comfort zone. I vacillated and ruminated – down to the wire – Not sure If I would sign or not sign. But then a message was put in front of me – Are you making decisions out of love or fear. I knew if I passed on the space ( its the PERFECT Space ) I would be acting out of fear not love. I LOVE to teach, want to interact with clients and students again and most importantly want my corporate staff to enjoy the benefits of YogaFit so I did it- I jumped and have no regrets. I trust the Universe will help us find a way to do a build out, sell our building in Torrance and make the move smooth. I trust in LOVE.

Walking into the unknown is never easy but if we look back on our lives, pivotal decisions that we have made, jumping points as I like to call them- we typically only may regret actions we did not take – not the ones that we took. Any action gives us an opportunity to grow, learn, shift, evolve, transform and blossom. May 2013 bring us into positive action, collectively and individually, locally and globally.

May 2013 be your year of ACTION.

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