A Spring Routine: Get Moving!

A Spring Routine: Get Moving!

by YogaFit Team | 26/02/2017

Transitioning from winter into spring can be challenging, especially for Kapha-dominant body types. The key—cleanse and sweat! Learn how. 


Ah Spring, sweet Spring, a mud-luscious time when the world is puddle-wonderful (thank you, e.e. cummings!). In just a few words, the poet summed up this kapha-dominated season: a wet, soggy, joyful mess! Depending on where you live, ice and snow are melting (or the spring rains are pelting) and adventurous crocuses are poking up through the mud. However, for many of us, the joyful anticipation of winter’s end and spring’s beginning can be marred by seasonal allergies that cause watery, itchy eyes and sneezing fits. If this is indeed your experience—or your students’ complaints—YogaFit’s own Beth Shaw and our ayurveda specialist Kathryn Herbert offer several suggestions to make the transition smoother, especially if you have a kapha constitution.


1.  Gradually warm up the system, to spark digestion, but don’t overheat it, to avoid hyperacidity, fever, and rashes. Adding ginger to your diet will do the trick—it has a unique ability, Kathryn says, to fire up digestion without causing hyperacidity. She recommends Beth Shaw’s Bran Tea from her YogaLean book. 


2.  Give yourself a good sweat at least once a day. Walking, weight-training, taking a sauna, cardio and, of course, YogaFit Sweat will really get you going.


3.  Include backbends in your practice to improve circulation and avoid stagnation around the upper chest and heart.


4.  Spend as much time in the sunshine as possible.


5.  Incorporate dry brushing into your day routine to stimulate lymphatic circulation.


6.  Practice breathing techniques that are heating—such as Breath of Fire.


7.  Put on some music with a pronounced drumbeat, for a stimulating effect. 


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