YogaFit Ayurveda Program

YogaFit Ayurveda Program

by Manny Guerrero | 18/06/2015

What is Ayurveda?


The direct Sanskrit translation is “ayu” meaning “life” and “veda” meaning “written scientific knowledge resulting in wisdom”. Ayurveda is therefore commonly known as the Science of Life. The practice of Ayurved is the Holistic Science of Mind, Body and Spirit Wellness. Contained within this knowledge is every aspect of lifestyle directive to keep the mind, body, and soul to function in balance with all aspects of the Universe for health, longevity, and bliss.


The ancient texts state that the Rishis (sages/wisemen) “heard” the knowledge and scribed it in their practice for all to use. Museums have Ayurvedic texts scribed on palm leaves believed to be some 6,000 years old, archeological finds from the Himalayas date the use of Ayurveda back 10,000 years. It has been used as a regular part of daily lifestyle as well as a complete medical system including surgery throughout the Indus Valley since these times, and continues on a national scale today in Indian rural villages as well as modern city hospitals. For this reason, it is sometimes referred to as Indian Medicine.


From this region, in its antiquity, Ayurved  traveled to Greece and was used by Aristotle and Hippocrates to become what we now call Western Medicine, or Modern Medicine. It also spread to the East and became Eastern Medicine, or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Both Western and Eastern medical academic texts postulate that their roots lay in Ayurved  and continue to study the Original Medical Science today.


I like to call it The Owner’s Manual for the Mind, Body, and Spirit.


It contains clear lifestyle directives relating to nutrition and activities to promote and maintain a healthy Psychosomatic (mind/body) state as well as therapies and medicines to rejuvenate and repair all aspects of Mind, Body, and Spiritual Wellness.


How does it relate to Yoga?



Yoga and Ayurveda are Sister Sciences. Both sciences originate at the same time in history and are intertwined. In its antiquity, they are one and the same. Patanjali (god-father of Yoga) states in the sutras “Yoga does not exist without Ayurveda,  and Ayurveda does not exist without Yoga.”  Charaka, Sushruta, and Vagbhata (the god-fathers of Ayurveda) are very specific in their texts and created the platform for our modern notion of Yogic Lifestyle.


Yoga, coming from the Sanskrit root “yog” meaning to “yoke” or create union, is performed in its divine expression as a complete union of Mind, Body, Soul.


Ayurvedic Science is a clear directional format of instructions to Yog, or join, the Mind, Body and Spirit. Ayurvedic and Yogic Science have their foundations in all 8 Limbs of the Ashtanga Yoga. Ayurved teaches specific directive points of the “do’s and don’ts” of the Yamas and Niyamas (The 10 Commandments) providing a clear guide to best develop  asana (postures) and pranayama (breathwork) to allow and the higher, esoteric limbs to grow and bloom.


What will I learn in the YogaFit 100 hour Ayurvedic Lifestyle Certificate?


Ayurveda is a vast Science. YogaFit’s Ayurvedic Lifestyle Certificate is an educational introduction to this vast science that enables the Certificate Holder to develop Individualized Ayurvedic Lifestyle Programs in their own lives and develop their Lifestyle Coaching Practice.


To practice Ayurved is to balance Dosh. The term dosha means “that which is subjected to imbalance”. Completion of YogaFit’s Ayurvedic Lifestyle Certificate is to become a Master of Dosha allowing the coach to quickly and easily determine the potential doshic effect of any given substance or activity on a given individual and offer corrections to balance Mind, Body and Spirit.


This is done by simple relation of all things in the Universe to a system of 5 Great Elements, 20 Qualities, and 3 Great Energies and this effect on Health, Harmony, and Happiness as human members in the Universe.


Completion of this course introduces the following theory:

-TriDosha (balance of the elements)

-Prakruti (constitution) vs Vikruti (condition)

-Dinacharaya (daily routine)

-Sadhana (daily ritual)

-Samprapti (disease process)

-Dravyaguna (qualities of substsances)

-Panchakarma (cleansing)

-Rasayana (rejuvenation)

-Chikitsa (therapy)


Completion of this course introduces the following technique through practicum:

-Elemental diagnosis through observation

-Development of routine and ritual plans per time of day, season, age, constitution and condition

-Food and herbs as medicine

-20 common culinary herbs

-5 ayurvedic

-6 tastes

-post digestive effects

-Asana and Pranayama  as tools to hinder or heal

-development of physical practice to balance dosh

-Administration of cleansing and rejuvenation techniques include:

-Abhyanga  (oil massage)

-Udvartana (fat busting massage using powders)

-Shiroabhyanga (head massage)  

-Nasya/Neti (nasal therapy and cleansing)

-Marma (vital points)

-Dravyaguna (herbal preparations)

-Journal to include

-Kitchen Pharmacy Guide

-Home and Garden Guide

-Health and Beauty Guide


This course is comprised of 80 hours in person curriculum and practicum, plus 20 hours of field study to complete at distance and 1 final examination to be taken online to qualify for Certification.


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