Warriors Program at SYTAR

Warriors Program at SYTAR


A message from Shaye Molendyke about the Warriors Program

I had the honor and privilege of presenting the Warriors Program at SYTAR (Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research) in Austin last month and I can tell you it was more than well-received. The audience included many formidable names in the yoga therapy world as well as the current President of IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists) who personally congratulated me afterwards for a great presentation. I was so proud to not only represent Yogafit so positively but also to let the Yoga Therapy world know that we are doing amazing things in our program. We are pioneers in the bridging of Eastern and Western ideas of healing trauma through the latest discoveries in Neuroscience,  Epigenetics and Physics and let me tell you it WORKS! The testimonials I get are powerful like this one I recently received from a 100 hr Warrior Program graduate who owns a yoga studio near Ft Bragg NC:

"I'm compelled to thank you both - we did a calm class with lots of shaking and release - necessary in this town with things stirring up overseas again. At the end a class soldier came to me - thanked me for the warning that it was normal to shed a few tears - that this was a way our body released - and shared that she cried through the class and the nidras - and that she felt that for the first time - in a long time - like herself just a little. The girl is in her late 20's - two tours to Afghanistan...made me sad that at that young age she is already disconnecting so deeply to protect herself yet so happy that we are helping soldiers realize it really is safe to stay in their own skin. I get such positive feedback from the classes - this community needs these classes so much. I'm pushing my teachers to take the warriors training - every instructor should take the warriors training. It will change their practice - and probably their lives in such a positive way!"

I can't believe it has been one year since we officially launched the Warriors program last July and to date we have graduated over 50 students from our 100 hr Program and Hundreds more are in the process of completing. I receive notes like the one above also daily relaying how effective the practices are for healing across so lots of modalities  to include yoga classes, 1 on 1 work, mental health workers and many others who works daily with trauma of all types. The methods are not only effective but easy to do so if you have been considering taking a Warrios class now's the time as we have removed all prerequisites for the 4 main workshops to include Warriors (PTSD), Healing Emotional and physical Trauma (Chronic trauma focused), Restorative Therapeutics (the science behind the program) and finally Mood Balancing (Anxiety and Depression focused which goes hand in hand with trauma). We did this to make sure that anyone, yoga teacher or not could come take a workshop and immediately utilize the methods into practice no matter what lens they were looking through. 

NEW Warriors trainings are being added weekly and if you'd like to host please contact me at warrior@yogafit.com. Warriors is making a difference and Beth reached out to me after the most recent tragic shooting incident at Ft Hood to see if we could bring Warriors there for FREE and so we are! September 20-21st we are offering a community Warriors workshop on post to 40 people from yoga teachers to mental health professionals who work directly with those suffering from PSTD.

 THANK YOU to everyone who has so strongly supported the program this past year and has been instrumental in its continued growth and success - YOU are the ones who are doing the real work of healing trauma- YOU are the ones on the front lines of this epidemic! Yes, there is so much to do but that is truly why we are here and just knowing that we are in this fight together and that there are many of us out there passionately committed to helping makes the load lighter. Keep it up and send me your stories!!

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