How Best to Communicate as a Certified Level 2 Yoga Teacher

How Best to Communicate as a Certified Level 2 Yoga Teacher

by Alexandria Powell | 11/10/2021

“What are you most looking forward to learning in this Level Two YogaFit training”?  We were asked this at the beginning of the weekend. The vast majority all had the same response - how to successfully cue a yoga pose and communicate effectively with the students. I think we were also searching for comfortability in standing in front of a class. We first had to get comfortable with each other as students of yoga, so we introduced ourselves and where we were located. I think the most inspiring part of YogaFit classes are the people and their stories. We had a social worker from Canada, a founder of a nonprofit who desires to teach kids on the spectrum in Maryland, and a Holistic Nutritionist in Florida. People of all backgrounds coming together to learn how to communicate more efficiently in all things Yoga.

The first part of our training was a deep dive into Yamas (outer restraints) and Niyamas (inner observances). One of my favorite lines from the manual is “they are for us to think about and ponder over with a rational mind, because yoga is not about mindlessly accepting externally imposed rules….”. I consciously accepted these guidelines into my life and I will also recommend everyone to read The Yamas & Niyamas: Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice, if the opportunity hasn’t come up yet. Outside of new yoga poses and breathing techniques, communication was the focus of the class. This included more information on cuing, but also opened my mind up to other aspects that I hadn’t thought of yet. We discussed the different types of learning styles there are and how we can adapt a pose to each style. These styles include visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. I admire that yoga is about our differences and the teacher adapting to them. Whether it’s a difference in age, health, or learning styles it’s our priority to provide options and a positive environment.

From this course, I understand now that I have the ability to put a class together and know the tools to effectively communicate with my students. The comfortability and confidence will come from hands on experience out in my community and practicing what YogaFit has taught me. In the following weeks, I will be teaching a thirty-minute yoga class during lunch hour at a local corporate firm. I want to bring wellness into a culture that does not typically prioritize self-care. Thanks to my instructors and my YogaFit courses, I can start spreading this message in the most conscious and inclusive way possible.

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