8 Ways to Get Happy Now

8 Ways to Get Happy Now

by Beth Shaw | 15/01/2014

It is easy to get caught up in our daily activities- jobs, home life, relationships-that often times we don’t know what parts of our life are generating happiness. We may find that we’re so focused on the outside, that we haven’t made time to reflect inward. You may find that if you make time to observe what’s making you happy-and what’s not , you’ll have a much better perspective in all areas of your life. Multiple studies have cited that happy people are more successful in all domains in life.

Happiness is a choice, so at any time it’s possible to change our outlook, our mood, or perspective. Here are 8 ways you can improve your mood and find happiness.


Go For A Walk Outside:  Simple, and effective. Breathe deeply, admire nature, take photos, and listen to the sound of what’s around. Being outside will allow you to be mindful and aware, not to mention sunlight has been proven to dramatically increase serotonin levels in the body, leaving to improved mood. If you live close, try visiting a park, the greenery will add in a little extra mood boost!


Be Grateful and Mindful:   While on your walk, write a list of the struggles, and anxieties you’re coping with, so you come to realize what is troubling you. Later on you may find it therapeutic to tear up or burn this list, releasing the negative thoughts. Ridding yourself of these feelings will allow you to see more clearly what in your life you have to be grateful for. 


Have A Spontaneous Dance Party:  Few things improve mood like dancing. Turn on your favorite music and just dance around and enjoy yourself, dancing is an amazingly powerful way to release stress and clear the mind. Getting your heart rate up will definitely put a smile on your face. Only a few minutes of dancing will drastically improve your outlook.

Visit An Animal Shelter:  As cliché as it sounds, visiting your local shelter will make you, and the animals there a little happier. There’s just something about holding a puppy or kitten that really warms us from the inside out. It’s hard, maybe even impossible, to feel sad when you’re playing with an animal and giving them your time improves there mood too. If you find yourself really enjoying the shelter, consider adopting a pet to take home. Many people find owning pets is great therapy. You can find a shelter local to you by calling the ASPCA or looking online.

Clean Out Your Closet:  You wouldn’t believe how much clutter affects your mood. You’ll find that if you take time to go through the clutter in your home, you’ll also clear some of the clutter from your mind. Going through our belongings and parting with items we no longer use or need is very therapeutic and symbolic. You can even choose to give the items you no longer need to a homeless shelter, clothing drive, or even a hostel. Plenty of organizations accept houseware and clothing, and giving back often helps boost happiness too!

Take a Time Out:  Like you’ve probably heard, “when nothing is going right, go left.” Sometimes we need to step back and get a fresh perspective on things. If you’re able, take yourself on a vacation, go out of town and have an adventure.  Getting a time out can be as easy as going for a drive or taking a personal day from work. Whatever time out you decide on, make sure to reflect on how you feel before and after.

Volunteer Your Time:  Sometimes it can seem as though there aren’t even enough hours in the day to complete everything required of us, so volunteering seems like a crazy addition to an already hectic life. But you’ll be surprised how great you feel after you’ve give back your time. There are hundreds of causes worth investing your time in, like Big Brothers/ Big Sisters, Habitat for Humanity, and local projectors and organizations in your area. You can even volunteer to help your favorite charity or participate in a fundraiser. Giving back is a great way to get happy now! Volunteering makes us os ware of what we have to be thankful for, and it gives us the opportunity to use our skills to help others, something the world desperately needs more of.

Take Up Meditation: Meditation means many different things to many people. Meditation can be as simple as finding a space to focus and clear your head, allowing the mind and body to relax. Pairing meditation with breathing exercises can really allow for a more powerful experience. While meditating, try a 3-part breath. Place your right hand on your chest and left hand on your diaphragm and breath slowly, making sure to fill your lungs from the bottom up. Watch as your hands move with the breath. When exhaling, make sure air is pressed out from the chest down, using your hands as guides to watch your breathing. Make sure your inhales and exhales are equal to ensure you’re breathing fully.

We can all find happiness, and much of the time it’s about being real and honest with ourselves, and making the decision to be happy. Outside factors do have an effect on our mood, but the turning point comes when we’re able to find happiness inside ourselves. 

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