5 Steps to take after Level 1

5 Steps to take after Level 1

by YogaFit | 1/05/2018

On episode 012 of The YogaFit Podcast we share our recommended first steps after Level 1 - even if you graduated a while ago - there is a big announcement that ALL yoga professionals won't want to miss! Listen here for iPhone and Listen here for Android.


Congratulations on completing your Level One training! There are 5 steps to take now that you have finished your Level One.


Step 1: Develop a Personal Practice 


It doesn't matter what it is. Just commit to a certain amount of time every day that you're going to practice. Allow enough time to experiment with your practice so you can come up with new flows for your classes and understand how the poses feel in your body so you can explain them better to your students. 



Step 2: Sign up for Level Two 


It may be a few months out from now, but by the time it comes around you're going to be ready and will want to keep your practice fresh! In Level Two you will take on new tools, learn new things, refresh level 1 and take yourself to the next level as a yoga professional. 



Step 3: Get insured


Protect yourself. Protect your students. As a YogaFit student/alumni, you receive $20 off for the annual cost of BeYogi insurance - that's only $159 which is a small price to pay for safety. 



Step 4: Give back to your community

Get out there! Start teaching. Start sharing the love of YogaFit with your community. You will learn much more about yourself by being a teacher. "Tell me I may forget, show me I may not remember, but involve me and I will always understand." 



Step 5: Market yourself as a yoga professional


You can use the knowledge and success of your community service hours to market yourself as a Yoga Professional. YogaFit has teamed up with Synduit, which helps Yoga Professionals market their classes - it's almost like having an in-house marketing department. They give you all the tools you need to market yourself. Learn more here.



Namaste and congratulations. The journey has just begun.


Beth Shaw, YogaFit Founder

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