YogaFit Goes to Japan

YogaFit Goes to Japan

by YogaFit Team | 29/03/2017

Japan’s premiere health club chain reached out to YogaFit recently and invited founder Beth Shaw to train its instructors in the YogaFit style and to introduce some of our specialty trainings. 


The students and the teachers soaked up the teachings and Beth had so much fun we wondered if she’d ever want to come home—or if they’d ever let her leave! We caught up with Beth to get the scoop.

YF: Which specialties did you teach there?

Beth: We did quite a variety actually. I introduced them to YogaFit Core; Restorative yoga, meditation and mindfulness; YogaFit Sweat, Yoga for Seniors and for Kids; YogaFit Props; and a bunch of YogaFit basics, too.

YF: Were teachers your focus?

Beth: No, not completely. I certainly was there to train health-club instructors in our method, but I also had a wonderful time teaching the students at several different gyms. 


YF: And their response?

They loved everything!—the flow, the format, the style, and the athleticism. In fact, many said it was the best yoga they’ve ever had.

YF:  What were some of the highlights of your trip?

We had a big group dinner on the last night with all the instructors and lots of Sake flowing. My funniest moment came when I inadvertently ate a snail (I have the pictures to prove it!) that was on top of what looked like a mound of finely grated rice, I took a huge bite and it turned out to be the saltiest sea salt I had ever tasted. My gracious hosts took me to the Owl Café, the Lockup Bar, a traditional Japanese teahouse and to a specialty shop where I could buy a high-tech Japanese hairdryer.


YF: When are you going back?

I loved Toyko and can’t wait to get back there! in They’ve invited me to come back in July and teach at a large fitness conference and to continue to train the instructors. I know it’s the beginning of a mutually fruitful relationship.

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