5 Reasons We're Looking Forward to our YogaFit for Athletes Teacher Training

5 Reasons We're Looking Forward to our YogaFit for Athletes Teacher Training

by Beth Shaw | 29/04/2016

June is only a few months away (and you know how time flies!) so we thought we'd tell you why we're already getting excited for the Minneapolis, MN Mind Body Fitness Conference where we'll be offering for the first time YogaFit for Athletes Teacher Training


1. It’s Spring and it's time that we all channel our inner athlete again. 


2. YogaFit® Master Trainers are in full force to deliver an amazing program to you. We want to help you help heal your clients and prevent injuries.


3. This training will give you the tools needed to increase your earning potential and work with athletes of all calibers.


4. Isn’t it time you think of yourself as an athlete in this game of life?


5. The YogaFit Athlete book is an amazing resource and tool for you and your clients.


The YogaFit® for Athletes Teacher Training will help yoga teachers understand the athletic body in order to develop safe and effective yoga classes and programs for athletes. During these two days, we will discover what it means to be an athlete and how to tap into the athlete that exists within all of us. We will look deeper at the athletic body, amateur to pro, and discover ways yoga will balance the body and enhance sport performance.


The athlete’s world is complex. With considerations such as the demand of various sport and activity, training techniques and tools, breath, visualization, recovery and nutrition, yoga teachers will have the tools to be dialed into the athlete’s world. With this training, yoga teachers will provide athletes with the missing link to play hard, play well and play for a long time.



Title: The YogaFit® Athlete

Official Release Date: April 5, 2016

Author: Beth Shaw


My intent with this book is to impact you and your sport. In this book, you will complement your sport with sport-specific yoga poses, which can enhance your performance ten-fold and reduce the risk of injury. As much as you spend time fine-tuning your swing or shot or general form for your sport, you are at the same time likely building up a “strong side.”


Consistent body movements, such as we do in any sport, create habitual tightness in our muscles (often favoring one side), tendons and ligaments. Yoga is the perfect complement to release tension, tightness and stress, balance your strength and help create better balance overall, even in sports where a strong side is inevitable or even the point- like golf or baseball, for instance. 


Learn breathing exercises, physical (hatha) yoga postures, meditation techniques, guided imagery options and custom routines for each athletic activity. You will learn mental as well as physical training, with many options to create your own personal plan for success.


Whether you compete with others or against yourself, yoga guides you to setting goals, developing focus and achieving your own personal best. Discover your inner athlete, with intention and purpose to improve your mind/ body health. 



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