Yoga Insurance 101: Insuring Your Yoga Future

Yoga Insurance 101: Insuring Your Yoga Future

by Amy Dannheim | 25/03/2016

There’s a checklist of things to do when starting your path as a professional yoga teacher. Trainings, networking with studios, getting classes, booking workshops, building rapport with students, setting up a website, and curating a great Instagram feed—there’s a lot to do.


But one thing teachers often overlook on that checklist is an important task: Setting up yoga insurance.


Why Yoga Teachers Need Insurance

As a full-time yoga teacher, I personally know the necessity of yoga liability insurance. Whether you’re in your first teacher training or traveling around teaching classes at various studios, private lessons, events, or retreats; there are so many things that can (and might) go wrong.


You don’t want to wait until it’s too late, so it’s great to have the peace of mind that yoga insurance provides. Many studios also require teachers to carry their own yoga insurance policy and when I’m asked to teach at yoga events, I’m always asked to provide proof of insurance.


The Risk of Injuries and Accidents

The National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) reported that the number of yoga-related injuries treated in emergency rooms has doubled in the past five years. It is estimated more than 5,000 people injure themselves through yoga each year, and those are just the injuries that go to the ER.


Think about the chiropractic visits and massages that people regularly receive to alleviate pain induced by repeated yoga practice. As teachers and students continue to advance their level of practice, there’s only more room for risk of injury. Even if they don’t injure themselves in a pose, students could get hurt in an accident at the yoga studio. And on top of the risk of injury, yoga teachers can be held liable for studio theft and property damage.


Thankfully, yoga liability insurance safeguards teachers against all of these unfortunate situations. It offers comfort in difficult situations. Whether we’re talking about medical bills, equipment loss, or a negligence lawsuit, yoga insurance offers the protection that yoga teachers need.


How to Choose the Right Policy for You

When you are deciding which yoga insurance policy to go with, the first factor to consider is whether you are already a teacher. If you’re about to begin teacher training, you may be eligible for a student rate. Policies for students in training run as low as $25 per year, covering you for up to 12 months after you’ve completed your training. Here are some things to consider when setting up your insurance policy.


1. Compare rates.


If you’re already a certified yoga teacher, rates for professional yoga insurance policies can range from $150 to $400 per year. Some of the more affordable options can actually offer equal (if not better) coverage than more expensive policies.


2. Make sure your styles are covered.


It’s important that your policy covers the yoga style you teach. And bonus points if you also practice massage or reiki because certain plans may cover you for additional healing practices at no extra charge.


3. Find out where you’re covered.


Check to see where you will be covered. A policy that’s limited to studio use doesn’t make sense if you teach private clients, off-site workshops, or events. Many yoga teachers are mobile so you may need a plan that covers you everywhere you teach.


4. Check for extra benefits.


Some yoga liability insurance policies offer other benefits such as theft coverage. If you teach in a busy studio with hundreds of students passing through, a plan that covers stolen equipment may come in handy. Some policies also offer perks like free business websites, discounts on yoga and wellness products, and professional teaching resources that can offset the policy cost entirely.


As a yoga teacher, liability insurance is a non-negotiable. In fact, many yoga studios will ask teachers for proof of insurance before even being allowed to teach there. And getting coverage doesn’t have to be a drawn-out affair; some plans offer instant coverage and proof of insurance so that you can teach stress-free in your next class. Accident or injury could happen anytime, anywhere and yoga liability coverage is worth the peace of mind.


Yoga Insurance Comparison Grid

There are some great insurance options for yoga teachers out there. Check out the grid below for a quick comparison of the rates, coverage types, and benefits offered by five of the yoga industry’s leading insurance providers.





Alternative Balance 

Yoga Alliance  

Yoga Journal 


Annual Fee –

Full Time






Professional & General Liability

Rental Damage Insurance

Identity Protection


Stolen Equipment Coverage


Free Website


Includes Coverage for 350+ Modalities


Note: The information in the comparison grid above has been gathered from the websites of each yoga insurance provider, along with additional third-party sources.


Insurance for YogaFit Teachers

YogaFit teamed up with beYogi Insurance Plus to offer its instructors access to the most comprehensive yoga liability insurance available for only $159 per year. This policy covers yoga, fitness, and personal training exclusively for YogaFit instructors.


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