Ms. Crystal Nichols is a Yoga Fit Certified Instructor for Level 1 -2 & seniors, Prenatal, and Transformational Meditation.  She currently teaches/Marketing Rep at the Yoga Fit Studio.  Privet Instructor: Jeanne Axler, MD.-office staff, St Bernadette Church (Parish Hall) & Van Ness Park Rec Center.

 Ms. Nichols recalls, “Along my travels from my birthplace of Lansing, MI, I was influenced by a very positive force to believe that Yoga was going to be a big part of my future.”

After beginning her practice in 2008, she is so grateful for the many benefits of Yoga teachings, and the opportunity to share her practice with her students.  “Yoga Fit was a significant part of my recovery from a demanding surgery; this practice is still my training ground for my upcoming Football and Basketball officiating seasons.”  

When instructing, Crystal appreciates how yoga keeps her balanced with a creative attitude toward others, calming, challenging, and mindful with an honest spirit while observing and adjusting her students. Crystal is a firm believer that by accepting these gifts, one can take them off the yoga mat and into their daily life. That is her goal as a Yoga Fit Instructor.

Born Renisha Nicole Jenkins in Los Angeles, CA, Nicole is a local that has been a yoga practitioner for many years. After delving deeper into her practice, she developed a love for yoga and gravitated toward its true meaning: yoke- a joining together of the mind, body, and spirit. She began to transform her life using this mantra and yoga is now an integral aspect of her lifestyle. With the desire to share the gift of yoga with others, Nicole began training to become a yoga teacher in 2014. She is currently teaching at the YogaFit studio Saturdays at 9am and evening community classes twice a week. 
"My mission is to yoga-nize everyone I encounter, principally underrepresented communities, and advocate 
a yoke amongst all beings, bounded my mutual love, respect, and the understanding that we are all connected."


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