YogaFit Specialty Tracks

Yoga for all.

Whether you want to become a yoga teacher, deepen your own practice, or increase your yoga knowledge, we have classes for you.

A wide range of classes.

In addition to our signature 200-hour and 300-hour yoga teacher trainings (registered with Yoga Alliance), we offer multiple specialty tracks and 65 unique classes per year.

YogaFit 200-hour Teacher Training (Yoga-Alliance approved)

Our YogaFit 200-­hour yoga teacher training provides the fundamentals you need to become a certified yoga teacher or take your own practice to the next level. Ideal for advanced yoga practitioners and yoga enthusiasts, personal trainers, group exercise instructors, and even the yoga curious.

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YogaFit for Athletes 100-Hour Teacher Training

Our YogaFit for Athletes 100-hour teacher training provides the fundamentals you need to incorporate yoga principles into any athletic training endeavor—either for your students or yourself.

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YogaFit 300-Hour Teacher Training (Yoga-Alliance approved)

You’ve completed your 200-­hour teacher training and now you’re ready to fine-­tune your skills, develop your voice more fully, and discover the unique gifts you have to offer as a teacher. This 300­-hour training, combined with your 200-­hour certification, will give you the hours you need to register with Yoga Alliance at the 500-­hour level.

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YogaFit for Warriors 100 Hour Trauma Sensitive Teacher Training

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YogaFit for WarriorKids 100-Hour Teacher Training

Become a certified trauma-­sensitive yoga teacher, with a specialty in early childhood trauma, by completing our YogaFit for WarriorKids 100-hour teacher­-training program. This comprehensive trauma-­sensitive yoga program provides the instruction you need to understand the unique way a child’s nervous system and brain respond to traumatic events and the tools you need to affect change. 

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YogaFit 100-Hour Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching Program

Enhance your ayurvedic knowledge completing our Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching program. This comprehensive 100-hour program offers a strong overview of Ayurveda, the ancient sister science of yoga; an opportunity to personally experience Ayurvedic practices that enhance your own well-being; and tools to directly apply its theory and principles to everyday life—for yourself and your clients.

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YogaFit for Wellness 100-Hour Teacher Training

Our 100 hour Wellness Tracks will prepare individuals to teach yoga within the healthcare setting. These trainings provide yoga specific population knowledge to help treat common physical ailments and diseases with appropriate yoga intervention.

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YogaFit for Warriors 140 Hour Trauma Sensitive Teacher Training

Become a certified trauma­-sensitive yoga teacher by completing either the YogaFit 100­-hour or our expanded 140-­hour teacher-training program. This comprehensive trauma-­sensitive yoga program is designed to provide the instruction and tools you need to understand PTSD and trauma at a deeper level and to guide your clients (or students) toward greater healing. 

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YogaFit for Active Adults 100-Hour Teacher Training

Our 100 hour Active Adults Track will prepare individuals to teach yoga and other mind body tools the population that needs them the most. Our focus goes beyond just the physical practice, looking at the mindset and mental well-being of this population. 


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Mind/Body Womens Health 100 Hour Teacher Training

Statistics show that women make up half the world's population. We've selected six of our Yoga Teacher Trainings that focus on women and the many issues they face. We are excited to offer this opportunity for enhanced teaching credentials for working with women and girls. 

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Holistic Whole Body Health 100 Hour Teacher Training

Are our students truly caring for their minds and bodies in a holistic, healthy and positive way? Learn techniques from these 6 YogaFit trainings to truly bring our students to the next level inside and out. 

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Mind Body Recovery Coaching 100 Hour

Addiction in its many forms in a huge societal issue. Learn how to use yoga and mind-body tools to assist yourself and others in achieving a healthier lifestyle. This program is designed to enable you to discover and recognize patterns of being stuck-physically, mentally, and on spiritual levels.

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YogaFit Healthcare Yoga Therapy

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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

We deliver 600+ teacher-training classes and workshops every year—at 300+ host locations worldwide and at 11 four- and five-day immersive conferences. Choose the place, the time, and the pace that’s right for you.

Strong & Supportive Community.

Our YogaFit community of students and teachers believe in supporting one another and giving back to our communities on a local, national, and international level. Always. In fact, every student must complete community service hours to graduate from our program.