Yoga Techniques and Postures: Postures and Alignment: Switching to Aloe Vera Fabrics for Yoga makes Sense

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Choosing appropriate yoga attire is one of the toughest jobs when you start a yoga class. There’s a lot of confusion when one chooses yoga attire but the primary concern that should be in your mind is ‘Comfort’. Yes, that’s what should determine your yoga attire.  The much of the wear depends on the type of yoga you take. The more vigorous form it is, you require fabrics that absorb sweat. 

We all know the benefits of aloe vera for the skin and why it is used for cosmetic and beauty products. It contains self-healing properties and therefore it has always been considered the most incredible herb, offering innumerable benefits. 

Not many have heard about aloe vera clothing but one can reap the benefits of aloe vera throughout the day by incorporating it the wear. Aloe vera fabrics make a healthy comfortable lightweight fabric which is blended with organic wood pulp providing a product which releases anti-bacterial, amino acids and other vitamins onto the skin, as the warmth of your body rubs and releases the microcapsules containing the aloe vera properties. 

Aloe vera clothing make great yoga wears because during the extensive yoga sessions, the intrinsic qualities of aloe vera, such as amino acids, are released as the fabric is warmed by body heat. The fabric retains a natural surface sheen and has smell-absorbing, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, UV-resistant properties, apart from it being machine-washable.


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