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Techniques of breathing offer multiple advantages over health, it helps keeps your body healthy as effective breathing promotes healthy blood circulation. This also provides ample oxygen to the brain, keeping your mind sharp and focused, while at the same time increasing your overall levels of energy,giving you a feeling of calm and control over your life. When breathing techniques are practised hand in hand with postures, asanas and yoga poses, you multiply the health benefits. 

Breathing techniques for beginners:

High Breathing (Clavicular Breathing) – This type of breathing occurs in the upper part of the chest and is a shallow form of breathing, therefore referred to as “clavicular” breathing as the upper body is raised while breathing.

Low Breathing (Abdominal Breathing) – This type of breathing occurs in the lower part of the chest and moves the abdomen forward and backward thus changing the position of the diaphragm. This is more effective as more air is absorbed while massaging abdominal organs promoting blood circulation.

Middle Breathing (Thoracic Breathing) – This type of breathing occurs in the middle as the centre of the lungs is filled with air, expanding the ribs and chest. 

Complete Breath – The complete breath is the combination of the above three breathing techniques and it involves the whole upper respiratory system as more air is taken in. This is one of the first techniques that must be mastered before moving on to more advanced forms of breathing.


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