Yoga Techniques and Postures: Postures and Alignment: Carrot Banana Peach launches two new skincare fibers

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CARROT BANANA PEACH adds milk and soybean fibers into the contents of their A/W-13 yoga wear collection.

Vegetable cashmere is all the rage in the soy-based fabric created from the dregs of soybean oil and tofu production. The drained oils are converted to a fiber through a careful process trying to retain the inherent proteins that are nutritious, gentle and smooth on the skin. The result is an incredibly soft, breathable French Terry style fabric - hypoallergenic, light and machine washable! Look super-chic and ready-to-go on board or at home in the Soybean Hooded Cardigan and Soybean Travel Pant.

The brand also plays skin doctor and borrows from Cleopatra's bathing ritual with the restorative properties of milk modal fabric. Looking to the future of bio-tech it combines the protein fiber of milk with modal (made from beechwood pulp). The resulting fabric is a natural alternative to synthetics, which is hypoallergenic, delicate and smooth on the skin. Enjoy the oriental inspired Milk Wrap for the full Cleopatra experience!

The winter collection spreads across 65 women's and men's yoga, fitness, rhythmic and dance gear. All made from banana, aloe vera and bamboo (and now milk and soybean) fabrics that provide yummy colours and comfy styles that feel sporty and natural!

The brand's existing range of eco fabrics already include raw materials such as, banana leaf, bamboo shoots, sap from beechwood, aloe vera and organic cotton; all claiming natural performance benefits that are ideal for yoga, fitness and running.


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