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As physical activity enhances and maintains the fitness of the body, facial exercises do help to tackle the fine lines and slow the process of ageing down. As we carry on with our facial exercises, the muscles under the skin are lifted and firmed and the skin looks toned and the wrinkles reduced. 

The advantages of regular practice of Yoga are a drop in lines and wrinkles, enhanced skin tone, lightening of dark circles, and the overall appearance gets boosted. The feeling of being healthy shows up on your face as you feel the same. 

There are a number of Yoga centres that offer facial massages which clean, exfoliate and make it a point to improve the blood circulation of the face. These massages also help the mind and the body to relax and have a tremendous de-stressing effect.

Yoga greatly helps in detoxifying the body and this eventually is instrumental in retaining a rejuvenated look.


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