Yoga Techniques and Postures: Postures and Alignment: Some Key Yoga Benefits

Help and discussion about various Yoga postures


Below are some of the key yoga benefits

  1. Natural Pain Relief - Be it chronic low back pain or joint pain or arthritis, yoga has been found to benefit many types of pain.
  2.  Helps relieving Anxiety and Depression -  Yoga is a mind and body exercise so it does help in benefitting one’s mental state. Yoga helps in reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. It also improves sleeping patterns, and enhances overall well-being
  3. Increases Flexibility and Balance -  Yoga not only increases muscular strength but also increases body flexibility. As mentioned earlier, yoga is extremely beneficial for the older adults who are at risks of potential accidental falls. For them to maintain balance is the key
  4. Better Breathing -  Yoga involves exercises that improve breathing capacity and respiratory function.
  5. Good for heart - Yoga can benefit heart disease in many ways. It helps controlling blood pressure and eases palpitation


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