Yoga Techniques and Postures: Postures and Alignment: Women Yoga Asanas for flat Stomach

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The yoga asanas mentioned belwo exercise the muscles of stomach and reduce the excess fats around the belly. 


Lie flat on the back with a mat beneath you. Slowly, bend your knees and take your thighs up to rest them on your stomach. Wrap your arms around your legs and lock the fingers. Now, slowly raise your face and take it closer to the knees so that the nose touches your knees. Rest the body in the same position for about 30 seconds, take a deep breathe, exhale slowly and then,Take the face back and slowly, loosen your arms. Stretch the legs back to the surface.

The exercise is very simple and takes very less efforts to do. You can also do it with one leg at a time. The asana can be repeated any number of times depending on your stamina.


Another simple and very helpful asana is that of bhujanasana. Bhujang means snake in Sanskrit. So, bhujanagasana, as the name depicts is the posture of a snake. To start with it, you need to roll down on your stomach. Now, positioning your hands below your shoulders, raise the upper half of your body off the ground, the head positioned upright. Do not push your hands hard while doing so, remember that you need your back to have more stress than your hands to make this position properly for you. Hold on to this position for around thirty seconds and slowly get back to the ground to start again.


This is a bit more involved position than the earlier two mentioned. The name again comes from a Sanskrit word “Dhanur”, meaning the bow. This asana is quite similar to Bhujangasana. The same ground posture is needed, lying on the stomach. Along with rolling your upper body in the upward direction, here, you need to raise your legs as well. With your hands, you need to grab the ankles, keeping the stomach touched with the ground. This way, you would make a circle of your body. The knees should remain together while doing the asana. Keep the body in this position for around thirty seconds and slowly retain to the basic position with you started with.

The excess sweat that is produced from the body is actually the fat that is being burned, so sweat as much as you can, we mean, practice the moves for as many times as you can and do it consistently. At-least do it for days till you find that you have benefitted from it, which you would for sure, if you are loyal at your efforts.


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