YogaFit Australia

“Where the energy is
 contagious and the
 connections invaluable.”

YogaFit is the leader in mind body fitness education since 1994, training people from every background and skill level across North America, Australia and Internationally. YogaFit’s modular system allows you to complete certifications at your own pace and at multiple locations, paying as you go. You can begin your training at a Mind Body Fitness Conference and then take additional modules at a host studio near home, across the country, even abroad. Or mix and match in a completely different way. Your choice.

YogaFit is a Registered Yoga School (RYS 150/200/500) with Yoga Alliance® Australia/International.

Registration with Yoga Alliance® Australia/International is offered at the special rate of $240 for 3 years for YogaFit 200hr graduates, with a renewal fee of $80 per year. All questions about registering with YAA should be directed to Yoga Alliance® Australia/International.

Fundamentals, Level 3, Prenatal and Older Adults are all eligible for Fitness Australia continuing education credits.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which province do I select when registering?

As you may have noticed, only Canadian provinces appear when registering for a training. Feel free to select any province as this will not affect payment or registration. You must select a province from the list in order to complete registration.

How do I request a certificate?

Please see program pages for required trainings and how to register. Email requirements and copies of certificates to

Can I request a training in my area?

Yes! Email with any training requests. Please note that in order for us to book a training there must be a minimum of 15 people interested in completing the training.


200hr Program

After completing all required trainings, you will have a new-found confidence not only in what you are able to provide to your clients and students but also in terms of personal growth and development. All required trainings and homework requirements must be completed in order to be a 200hr certified yoga instructor.

In YogaFit 200-hour Teacher Training you’ll learn:

  • Principles of anatomy and physiology
  • Inspiring and dynamic vinyasa yoga sequencing grounded in proper alignment and the safety of exercise science
  • Pose modifications to ensure that each pose is safe and effective for every body type and physical challenge
  • Verbal cues and hands‐on assists
  • Transformational language that creates an atmosphere of trust, inclusivity, and self‐exploration
  • To bring your unique personality and style into your teaching
  • Breath awareness exercises and pranayama practices to incorporate into your classes
  • Common Sanskrit terms and their translations
  • The history and philosophy of yoga, and its modern applications
  • Meditation practices
  • The business side of yoga
  • Creative visualization, affirmations, and specific self‐awareness practices that will help you integrate what you’ve learned

Required trainings include:

  • YogaFit Fundamentals (6-day training, split into two 3-day weekends)
  • Level 3 (2-day training)
  • Level 4 (4-day training)
  • Level 5 (2-day training)
  • Prenatal (1-day training) OR Kids (1-day training)
  • Anatomy & Alignment 2 (2-day training)
  • Older Adults (1-day training)
  • 2-days of electives

Once you have successfully completed all of the above modules, you will then need to submit the following items:

  • Copies of your certificates
  • Level 4 essays (to be assigned in Level 4)

Be sure to retain your certificates after you receive them. Send your certificates to including your preferred name which will be listed on your certificate.

300hr Program

You’ve completed your 200-­hour teacher training and now you’re ready to fine-tune your skills, develop your voice more fully, and discover the unique gifts you have to offer as a teacher. This 300­-hour training, combined with your 200-­hour certification, will give you the hours you need to register with Yoga Alliance Australia at the 500-­hour level.

In YogaFit 300-Hour Teacher Training you’ll learn:

  • To use postural analysis screening to determine structural misalignment
  • Ancient therapeutic practices of classic yoga and the scientific research that supports them
  • How to teach restorative yoga and the proper use of props
  • The basics of Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science, and how it can enhance yoga’s health benefits
  • Specific breath awareness techniques and pranayama practices
  • Anatomy and alignment through the lenses of Base of Support, Centre of Gravity, Skeletal Anatomy, and the physiology of stretching

Requirements include:

  • 200hr yoga teacher training certification (from YogaFit or another Register Yoga School)
  • 150 hours**
  • Healthcare 1 (4-day training)
  • Healthcare 2 (4-day training)
  • Restorative (4-day training)
  • Ayurveda (2 day training)
  • Pranayama (1 day training) 

Option 1: 150hr Warrior program

  • Level 1 (2-day training) (or assignment - assignment only available to those who completed Fundamentals) 
  • YogaFit for Warriors (2-day training)
  • YogaFit for Emotional & Physical Trauma (2-day training)
  • Restoring Balance: Training the Parasympathetic Nervous System (2-day training)
  • YogaFit for Balancing Moods (2-day training)
  • YogaFit for Addictions & Recovery (2-day training)
  • YogaFit for Warrior Kids (2-day training)
  • The Art of Storytelling (1-day training) 


Option 2: 150hrs

  • Level 1 (2-day training)(or assignment - assignment only available to those who completed Fundamentals)
  • YogaFit for Warriors (2-day training)
  • YogaFit for Emotional & Physical Trauma (2-day training)
  • Restoring Balance: Training the Parasympathetic Nervous System (2-day training) 
  • Additional 7 days of YogaFit Trainings/Retreat (repeated trainings not accepted) can include India Retreat or other trainings offered in US or Canada that aren’t currently offered in Australia. 

The first (**) is mandatory. Anyone can take any trainings on their own providing they have taken Fundamentals (Levels 3-5 are encouraged for Healthcare 2 and Restorative, Anatomy 2 is encouraged for Healthcare 1) or are current Yoga Teachers (Level 1 is encouraged) no pre-requirements for 150hr Warriors program. 

150hr Warrior Program

This comprehensive trauma-­sensitive yoga program is designed to provide the instruction and tools you need to understand PTSD and trauma at a deeper level and to guide your clients (or students) toward greater healing. Created by a military veteran and a yoga therapist, YogaFit for Warriors is ideal for yoga teachers and mental health professionals as well as military personnel and their families, first responders, and healthcare workers.

In YogaFit for Warriors 150-Hour Teacher Training, you’ll learn:

  • How Post­-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Trauma Brain Injury affect the body and the mind, and how yoga can be an integral part of a trauma-­sensitive therapy plan
  • Yoga poses and breathing techniques designed for the unique needs of those suffering from PTSD and childhood trauma
  • To explore childhood trauma through the lens of “developmental trauma disorder,” as a way to understand the unique way a child’s nervous system and mind rewire in response to traumatic events
  • The significance of the vagus nerve in trauma and the role yoga plays in its ability to function optimally
  • The importance of heart­-rate variability (HRV) on the body’s ability to manage stress
  • How to use an HRV monitor, and how to design a treatment plan based on the results
  • Specific breathing (pranayama) and meditation practices that can balance the mind and the body
  • To recognize addiction and compulsive behavior in its many guises, to understand how everyone is wired from birth to be addicts, in order to survive, and to use yoga to move from unhealthy to healthy habits
  • How to move students gently in and out of poses while giving them the power to choose which ones to do and how deep they’d like to go
  • How you can use YogaFit Essence—an inviting, nonjudgmental, and inclusive way of teaching—to create a safe and sacred place for students to begin to heal
  • How YogaFit’s transformational language and the way you modulate your voice greatly enhances the brain’s ability to heal itself

Required trainings include:

  • Level 1 (or assignment)
  • YogaFit for Warriors (PTSD)
  • YogaFit for Emotional & Physical Trauma
  • Restoring Balance: Training the Parasympathetic Nervous System
  • YogaFit for Balancing Moods
    YogaFit for Addiction & Recovery
  • YogaFit for Warrior Kids (Childhood Trauma)
  • The Art of Storytelling

Once you have successfully completed all of the above modules, you will then need to submit copies of your certificates to receive your official YogaFit 150/200/300-hour Training Certificate. Be sure to retain your certificates after you receive them. Send your certificates to including your preferred name which will be listed on your certificate.