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Zen Cafe 7Item number: HC00012

Price: C$10.00 before C$20.00

This CD is a compilation chosen for pairing with Yoga, Pilates, and Mind Body exercise. Sensual and lively vocals provide an escape from outside distraction. No chanting. Over 70 minutes of great music. This is Volume 7 in the Zen Café series. 
This CD has been compiled specifically with the Three Mountain format in mind. 
Track List : Running Time: 71:31 
* Summer Sun 7:19 
* Rio Loungin’ 5:32 
* City of Angles (Beach House Mix) 4:53 
* Stars Shine Bright (L.A. by Night Mix) 5:57 
* Balearic Blue (Sa Trincha Mix) 6:28 
* Twilight (Chill & Grill Mix) 6:03 
* Loneliness (Chill House Mix) 6:30 
* Feel the Sunshine 7:33 
* Cruisin’ 5:26 
* Lightning 6:15 
* Warm Weather 4:24 
* Twilight 3:55 
* Ocean Tribe 3:56

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