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Zen 11Item number: HC2

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Produced by Beth Shaw


 Chill tracks for slow flow yoga and restorative/ therapeutic classes. Produced by Beth Shaw, this CD marks the first custom CD released by Beth after a long silence. Oasis was inspired by the crashing waves and crisp air of Northern California, the stillness of the Hills of Beverly at dawn and the strong chilled state that a slower practice creates. It's a beautiful collection of tunes that are Three Mountain® formatted and will be lovely addition to your Zen Cafe series. Create your own Oasis in your classes, car and home with Zen 11 Oasis.

#        BPM        TITLE
1 110 After the Rain
2 115 Nocturnal Trip
3 82 A Deeper Breeze
4 90 Bitter Sweet Symphony
5 120 Jungle Dawn
6 100 Blueberry Jam
7 90 Paradise Island
8 80 Sanctuary of Rest
9 82 Tibetan Healing Sounds
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