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Yoga Butt DVDItem number: YogaButt

Price: C$5.00 before C$10.00

New YogaButt® workout featuring: the YogaFit Three Mountain Format, Seven Principles of Alignment and the YogaFit Essence.

Lift it up, tighten and tone your glutes and re-do your rear view with YogaFit's amazingly fun and effective lower-body workout. Creator of YogaFit, Beth Shaw, adds the infamous YogaCore® ball to traditional flowing yoga poses to deeply define your inner/outer thighs, hips and glutes (as well as the rest of your body!). Adding the ball to many in-depth poses improves your posture, revs your exercise intensity and jump-starts your energy level. All fitness levels are welcome to join Beth as she teaches real yoga for real people. Enhance your personal practice with this intense lower body-inspired practice or share these unique moves with your classes.

Benefits include:

  • Weight loss
  • Greater self-esteem and confidence
  • •Strong core
  • Back health
  • Defined legs and butt
  • Greater concentration and focus
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