Warriors Intensive Testimonials

Warriors Intensive Testimonials


At the end of January 2016 we had our very first 100hr YogaFit for Warrior Intensive. We had a core group of 16 students and several others that attended the individual trainings. The first half of the intensive: YogaFit for Warriors and YogaFit for Balancing Moods, was led by Shaye Molendyke; and the second half: Restoring Balance: Training the Parasympathetic Nervous System and YogaFit for Emotional and Physical Trauma, was led by Kristy Manual. They presented the latest scientific evidence in regards to PTSD, trauma and mental health that supports the traditional healing practices of yoga and meditation in a very digestible way.


I am grateful to have been able to attend the Warriors Intensive this year. It was my first time attending a yoga intensive and it was a great way for me to complete all of the required trainings for the 100hr YogaFit for Warriors program. It’s exciting to think that I am now only 200hrs away from achieving my 300hr certification! It was very empowering to go through the training with an amazing group of individuals from all walks of life. It was a safe and inclusive space to share our own experience with trauma and to share our healing journeys. Shaye and Kristi did an impeccable job of presenting the ‘sciencey stuff’ in a way that was comprehensible. As someone with a fine arts background I greatly appreciated the way they presented the information. I left the intensive feeling inspired and ready to help heal the world.  – Suse Silva


I am a Primary Care Paramedic in Northwestern Ontario and have been working in this field for approximately 20 years.  I have recently been diagnosed with PTSD.   When I realized that I wasn't being myself and needed some form of assistance, I began to slowly turn towards Yoga.  When someone has been through trauma, the traumatic event not only gets stored in the brain as a memory, but also in the tissues throughout the whole body. My Yoga Instructor prompted me to attend YogaFit For Warriors in Toronto.  This program and my yoga practice have honestly saved my life.  I have been able to reduce my trauma symptoms through breathing exercises, slow flow yoga movement and meditation.  My mind is beginning to feel more connected to my body and visa versa and the feeling of depression and loneliness is subsiding.  I recommend that our first responders seek out a Yoga Instructor who understands the trauma process and that is YogaFit trained.  I have gone through YogaFit For Warriors Program as an Instructor and believe me when I say, with support and Yoga - I'm on my way to recovery. I am looking forward to sharing all that YogaFit For Warriors has shown me, especially the scientific research that proves how Yoga is effective in alleviating symptoms of PTSD. I am living proof that it works. - Karen Stachiw, PCP


I am still reeling and will be for a long time from the powerful eight day Warrior Intensive I just completed.  It was an experience of deep learning, of introspection, of opening up, of receiving, and so much more.  What a privilege to be instructed by such knowledgeable, compassionate and eloquent teachers and to share the experience with such wonderful participants.  I know that so much of what I learned has already been integrated into my life and that much more will be as time goes on.  I feel that I have much more to give to the students in my Yoga classes and so much more learning to do.  How exciting.  Thank you so much, YogaFit.  - Melissa Keddie

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